Sunday, March 25, 2012

Among the Flying Tigers

No country is so wild and difficult but men will make it a theater of war.

Ambrose Bierce

My friend, Janey Bracken, referred Jessi Warrhol, entertainment manager for the best Second Life (SL) aviators, to me the other concerning an interesting event occurring in SL from today, March 25th to March 30th.  This is the March Military Expo taking place in the WW2 Pacific Sim in the WW2 Memorial Park.  The event is hosted by the SL Flying Tigers.  Their blog contains all details pertaining to exhibitors and events.

Janey beat me to the punch with her story on CNN iReports.  So, I decided to drop in for a quick visit.  Unfortunately, between my SL and Real Life (RL) commitments, I wasn’t able to stay for too long.

But, what I saw was impressive.  Upon rezzing I was at a recreation of the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. Even in SL, this sight leaves me in awe of the sacrifices made by so many. 

I cross the street into the WW 2 Pacific SIm where an Aerosmith Tribute Band Concert is underway and several dozen people are dancing in front of the stage.

I walk about the sim and see many excellent examples of SL scripting in the form of aircraft, primarily military from all periods, armored fighting vehicles, and ships.  In addition, for that SL resident who just has to have a Kalashnikov knock-off or a WW I dough boy’s uniform, he won’t be disappointed.  Exhibitors have their merchandise on display. 

Lag kept bouncing me out so I’d recommend going when the crowds are a little smaller but do go!  There will be bands, fly overs, and much more.

I’d like to thank Jessii Warrhol for meeting with me at the last minute for a quick interview and Janey Bracken for passing the story along.  Jessii had the idea for bringing various exhibitors together for one event. 

As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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Photo No. 1: Event Poster

Photo No. 2: WWII Memorial

Photo No. 3: WWII Spitfire

Photo No. 6: Flying Tigers Exhibit

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