Saturday, February 6, 2016

Getting a Massage in Second Life


The body never lies. 

Martha Graham



          Someone asked me in Second Life (SL) the other day where they could get a massage inworld.  I actually had some recommendations!  I guess all my time spent wandering around on the Grid is beginning to pay off.  (Significant Other says something sounding like “Finally!) 

          During my travels, I’ve come across two small, decent massage facilities. (I’m trying to avoid calling them massage parlors with their negative American connotations.  Significant Other’s eyes roll.)  

          Naked Bondage, part of the Naked franchise inworld, has a massage facility located in an ancient Roman bath.  Entering the building, a large bathing pool dominates the center.  At one end are lounge chairs and at the other is the massage area.  There is one
table suitable for use by couples.  Besides basic massage, erotic massage is available as well. 

          The facility is small but conducive to an intimate session for a couple.  There are no masseurs/masseuses available so bringing a partner is recommended.  During my visits, there have never been other visitors and so is very quiet.  The massage area can be located here.    

          Another massage facility is located at Madame Jenny’s Tea and Shibari House.  I recently blogged about this facility in my introduction to shibari or Japanese bondage.  Located on the third floor of this building is a small area for massage with a traditional,
Japanese hot tub (with shibari capabilities) for guests use.  Standing nearby is massage table with rubbing oils on a separate stand.  The room looks like it came from a Japanese onsen.  In addition to basic and erotic massages, Thai massage can also take place here. 

          As with the last site, no assistance is available and a partner is recommended.  The site is evocative of the Far East and offers a private setting for a couple.  The site can be found here. 

          For my final recommendation, I went looking for a massage facility that actually has masseurs/masseuses on site for clients.  I found one called Happy Hands Massage Parlor.  (Significant Other snickers.)  As its name implies, Happy Hands is dedicated to providing massage services to its guests.

          The parlor is a low, single story building with facilities on the roof.  Entering the main doorway, a visitor is in a lobby with the profile pictures of available staff.  Except that the two times I visited for this story, no one was online.

          Off the corridor leading away from the lobby is a large party room and four smaller rooms used for private massage centers.  The massage tables contained therein offer basic
and erotic massages.  Free towels are available.  On the roof, accessible by an outside staircase, is large sauna, a very big marble hot tub, and a fire pit.

          There is a fee for using the facility and payments to the staff are negotiated separately.  Of the three sites, I visited for this story, Happy Hands offers the most services and has staff.  I do recommend checking to see when they’re available.  And, as I said previously, there is a charge payable in Lindens.  Happy Hands Massage Parlor is located here.    

          These three sites offer the basics for massage services inworld.  As in Real Life (RL), these are what people make of them.  With a partner, they can be fun and enjoyable plus with whatever other services may be offered like bathing pools or shibari! 

          Give it a try, you just might like it! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives! 

Additional pictures from my visits can be found on this flickr page. 

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Friend’s Wedding in Second Life

 Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery



          Recently, I received an invitation to a wedding in Second Life (SL). 

          A good and long-time friend, Lisah Lorefield, was finally tying the knot with her partner, Sven Blinker. 

          Always one for a party especially a happy occasion like this, I accepted promptly.  Since I hadn’t been to a wedding inworld since my first one way back when (It was a vampire ceremony any very touching.) I was pumped! 

I’d first met Lisah several years ago as I was wandering about inworld as I tend to do.  Lisah is an exceptional builder and an enthusiastic participant in the communities that she participates in.  We stayed in touch over the years, chatting about our respective lives inworld.  She became my “go to” person for questions both technical and social about SL.   

          Somewhere along the way, Lisah met Sven and the rest as they say is history.  (I didn’t catch how serious they were until I received the invitation but then Significant Other says that I’m generally clueless about these matters.)  Sven is a pilot, flight instructor, sailor,
and other high energy occupations inworld.  (He probably likes puppies too and helps little old ladies cross streets in Real Life (RL).  No wonder Lisah was drawn to him!) 

          So, I was very happy for both Lisah and Sven as they’re both wonderful people.  Right, after accepting their invitation, I immediately rounded up my SL sister, Bec Kellstrom, (Wait, you didn’t know about our mutual sibling adoption?  Another story will explain all.) to accompany me.  In true good, little sister fashion, Bec began to pester me with, “What, couldn’t get anyone else but your sister to go with you?”  (Significant Other sighs and wishes there a RL counterpart nearby.)

          The wedding took place at a wedding chapel since closed.  The building is a large glass and metal framed structure reminiscent of the Crystal Palace from the Great Exhibition in London in 1851.  (And, no, despite Bec’s insinuations, I never saw the original.)  The layout is traditional with an altar and seating at one end forming the chapel area and an open area for guests at the other end. 

          Over two dozen guests attended the ceremony.  The men, even me, wore formal and the women wore colorful gowns.  Bec was happy to note that the minister was female, observing that most weddings inworld that she’s attended have had such.  (Bec is always quick to make sure I catch these details in case I was distracted by the occupants of the colorful gowns.) 

          The reception took place in on the second floor of a banquet hall down the road from the chapel along a path strewn with rose petals.  The room for Lisah’s and Sven’s function was fairly large and centered around a big, multi-tiered wedding cake.  A spacious dance floor formed the middle with tables and chairs at both.  Frescoes adorned the high ceiling.

          The wedding ceremony itself was simple, traditional, and beautiful.  (Significant Other arches an eyebrow while wondering when I became so romantic.)  The groom and best man, Ingmar, with the minister, Pepper Curie (Who was also the DJ.  I pointed out the moonlighting opportunities to Bec.), waited for the bride and her bridesmaids to walk up the main aisle.  The bridesmaids, Aria Teodosio and Misty, preceded Lisah to the front of the
chapel.  Lisah was resplendent in her white bridal gown designed by Son!a Luxury Fashion and her hair was by TRUTH HAIR.   Traditional wedding music played as the party made its way to its other members.  The wedding vows were simple and short.  Lisah and Sven were now husband and wife!  (If only in SL!) They turned and left the chapel to the thunderous wedding march.  There was a short receiving line and the wedding party went off for pictures while the guests strolled over to the reception hall to await their first formal entrance as husband and wife.  (Seemed a lot like RL didn’t it?) 

          After Lisah and Sven arrived, they had their first dance as husband and wife followed by the cutting of the wedding cake and their first pieces.  (No, no one shoved cake in anyone else’s faces.  A decidedly American tradition frowned upon in some circles.)  There was a garter toss and I didn’t catch it.  (I didn’t try.) There was singing, music, and, most of all, there was dancing! 

          Bec and I had a great time at the wedding and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  (OK, except for being with me, L’ill Sis had a great time.)  We’re both very happy for Lisah and Sven.  Their wedding showed the best features of SL.  A successful relationship with between a loving couple, a community coming together, and a well planned social event that was successfully executed. I hope we see more celebrations like this inworld! 

          I’d like to thank Lisah and Sven for inviting Bec and me to the happiest day in their lives inworld together so far!  I wish them much joy and happiness together in their journey across the Grid!  (BTW Lisah has changed her name to “Lisah Blinker Lorfield.” She believes in tradition as she explained to me!)

          I’d also like to thank Bec for joining me.  Like every older brother probably discovers to his dismay, I turned around and L’il Sis was a grown woman who dressed stunningly for
the occasion.  I want to thank her for taking the pictures which I used for this story and additional ones that can be found on this flickr page.  (You can see who has the talent in the family.) As I wrote earlier, I’ll tell our story soon. 

          Foxie Dinzeo was the wedding photographer her pictures from the wedding can be found on this Facebook page. 

          Jen Waddington was the live singer who sang at the reception.  She’s a friend of the newlyweds who is very popular inworld. 

          Harmony Lockhart was the wedding planner.  Sadly, Lisah’s and Sven’s wedding was the last one at this site as it closed immediately afterward. 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Dungeon Crawl in Second Life I – Devilhand Castle

I've always been attracted to things that are taboo. I've never been afraid to go to that dark place.

Ricky Williams


          Welcome to the newest series in my blog!

          This one is an outgrowth of an earlier series about the castles of Second Life (SL). 

          In this series, I’ll be blogging about the dungeons of SL that I encounter as I go walkabout inworld.  There’re actually a lot of them!  Poking around in old, musty castles, I run into them quite frequently.  Further, it seems that no self-respecting BDSM group inworld can’t exist without its own private dungeon.  Then there are all the merchants who supply all the furnishings and fittings that no dungeon can be without.  (Who knew?) 

          For my first story in my dungeon crawl across the Grid, I return to Devilhand Castle, one of my early castle visits.

          Devilhand is the quintessential dark, brooding castle and is also the home to a BDSM community. I first encountered it when I blogged about the BDSM group.  Like any good castle, Devilhand serves as the basis for many good stories and this is only my latest! 

          Rezzing into the dungeon at Devilhand, one realizes quickly that they’re on one of the castle’s upper stories.  The latticed windows are a dead giveaway!  Not where one usually expects to find a dungeon!  Another feature that jumps out at a visitor is the layout.  It’s like a modern gym in Real Life (RL) with all its equipment laid out for the membership.  There are no cells, dark corners with rats scurrying around, or discarded skeletons in the

passageways.  (Significant Other wants to know why I say this like it’s a bad thing.)  Two arched doorways on one wall lead out to the castle itself.  Three walls are of textured stone and the fourth which looks over the sea is constructed of a deep red wood.  The floor is constructed of large timber beams. 

          I suspect that the reason for this is Devilhand’s being a BDSM sim.  There seems to more interest in bondage and discipline and viewing it than in running a good old fashioned medieval dungeon! 

          Scattered across the floor are about a dozen bondage and torture devices.  Three spherical cages are suspended from the ceiling. 

          Several of the classic devices are here to be used.  That old favorite, the rack is
available along with a St. Andrew’s Cross, an examination table, and a variety of bondage and restraining furniture.  These devices are primarily medieval in flavor consisting of heavy wooden timbers, ropes, and iron chains and manacles. 

          The devices come with a variety of options for their users such as spanking, hair pulling, and preparation animations to more hardcore sex including some threesome capability. 

          Spectators are not forgotten as a raised dais has two high backed chairs permitting a good view of the dungeon’s activities.  In case, their occupants either start getting bored or feeling frisky, the chairs have their own options too.  Several stools are located around the
dungeon for individual observers and I won’t go into details about what options they have for users.   

          The dungeon in Devilhand Castle is effective for either for those interested in BDSM or those who would like to see the various devices used in a dungeon in one place.  The modern gym would also work for a group looking to share their experiences at the same time.  (Significant Other says only I would think of this.)

          Overall, the dungeon is well worth a visit and I recommend going!  (As well as visiting the rest of the castle.  On can TP from there to other parts.)  Despite the modern layout, there is nice aged effect to the room and its fittings. 

          The dungeon can be located here. 

          Additional pictures from my visit can be located on this flickr page. 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Castles in Second Life VIII – Casterly Rock


Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what's on the other side? 

Tyrion Lannister, A Game of Thrones


          Once again, in my wanderings across the Grid in Second Life (SL), I’ve come across another castle which I’ll include in my series about the castles of SL. 

          This particular castle is located in Casterly Rock which is a role playing sim inworld based on A Game of Thrones.  I blogged about the Casterly Rock community in an earlier

          My reasons for selecting this structure were several.  The castle is an impressive build which dominates the local landscape and is faithful to the castle described by Georeg R. R. Martin in his books.  It is well furnished and is integral to the role play of the community.  Overall, from my perspective, an ideal candidate for a story!  (Significant Other thinks I’m just biased because it reminds me of Dungeons & Dragons.)

          In the universe of A Game of Thrones, belongs to House Lannister.  The largest and most well defended of all castles in the land.  Purportedly, it has never been conquered. 

          Within the roleplay of Casterly Rock in SL, the castle still belongs to House Lannister but is set in a period about three hundred years before that of the books.  The castle is an important part of court life inworld.

          I first learned of the castle during my visit to prepare for my first story.  It was hard to miss.  The castle is imposing in size and one can’t escape its presence as one wanders around the sim. 

          The castle sits high on a promontory overlooking the Sunset Sea.  Gray walled with red tiles rooves on its keeps and turrets.  It is big.  Its perch is a rock jutting out of the sea and is connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway.  Once across the causeway, one is faced with a steep climb to a drawbridge crossing a deep chasm. 

          On the other side of the draw bridge is a heavy wooden door studded with nails.  Entering the castle through this doorway, one passes through a series of rooms before
entering the Queen’s throne room.  The center piece of which is the throne which has a smaller seat alongside for the Queen’s daughter.  Here the Queen holds court weekly.  Coats of arms of noble families adorn the walls. 

          Crossing the throne room, one enters another room which contains the main spiral staircase leading to the upper and lower levels.  Climbing the stairs to the second floor, one’s attention is taken by the magnificent sea views from a balcony.  Located on this floor are a royal bedroom and a library.  The library contains a secret but more on this later! 

          Continuing to ascend the stairs from the second floor, one arrives on the roof where there are two small turrets each containing a bedroom.  One is afforded excellent views of
the kingdom in all directions here.

          Returning back down the stairs, one ultimately descends to the castle’s bottom level which is a large open room.  Heavy columns support the ceiling.  This room is used for social functions.  Unlike many other castles where one finds the dungeon here.  Apparently, the Lannisters see no need for one.  (Significant Other worries about my continued interest in dungeons.) 

          Now, the library’s secret!  By touching the mantelpiece over the fireplace, a hidden door is revealed.  Entering through this doorway, one is transported deep below the castle to a goldmine where the wealth of the kingdom originates.  A locked vault contains the refined gold ore.  Every good castle has to have at least one secret! 

          The overall quality of the Casterly Rock castle is very good.  Attention has been paid to its details such as windows, doorways, columns and textures to cover surfaces.  The lower levels of the castle have stone floors while the uppers ones are made of large wooden timbers.  A small detail over looked in many castles.  The layout of the castle is rational and
is not a maze.  Rooms contain furnishings and the walls are not unadorned.  There is a lived in and well cared for look about the place.  The castle is key to the role playing of the community and does not sit empty and unused like a mausoleum in a cemetery.  Working within the limitations of prims and RL dollars to pay for space, the builder has skillfully and cleverly recreated the atmosphere and look of the original. 

          I strongly recommend to either fans of A Game of Thrones or those who enjoy castles visiting this castle.  They won’t regret their decision! (Please wear appropriate dress and remember that residents are engaged in role play.)

          Casterly Rock is always looking for enthusiastic fans of A Game of Thrones to join to keep expanding their community so I recommend checking them out!  (I did after my first story, joined, and became the royal scribe!) 

          Casterly Rock and its castle can be found here. 

          Additional pictures from my visit can be seen on this flickr page.   

          I’d like to thank Her Grace Morgane Lannister for stepping away from Her royal duties and giving me a tour of the castle after I showed up on her doorstep unannounced one afternoon!    

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life XV – An Introduction to Shibari

Fear can be a potent aphrodisiac. 

Kele Moon



          This story’s title may have attracted you because you’re participant in, or at least knowledgeable, about shibari, the Japanese technique of elaborately tying up a submissive for sexual bondage.   Or, you may be like me and just happened to stumble across it while in Second Life (SL)!

          Either way, you’re here with me now, so allow me to tell you my story. 

          While having only a theoretical knowledge of shibari from Real Life (RL), (Significant Other indicates that’s all it’ll be.) I haven’t had much opportunity to investigate this practice inworld.  Recently, I visited a friend in SL who happened to be in a bondage cell when I arrived to meet her.  (Another story for another time there.)

          My friend was a place called Madame Jenny’s Tea and Shibari House.  A Japanese themed tea house which also served those interested in shibari.  There’re also many cages and cells for those who prefer that.  While there, I was introduced to the owner and proprietress, Madame Jenny.  Always quick to grab a story for my three loyal readers, I
asked for and received an agreement for a future interview.  And, that’s how we arrived here!

          When I return subsequently to meet Madame Jenny for our interview, she’s wearing a colorful kimono telling me that she has always been fascinated by Japanese culture. 

          We seat ourselves on an outside deck adjacent to the teahouse and Madame Jenny tells me her story while she sips her tea from a traditional Japanese tea set. 

          Madame Jenny was first introduced to SL when a friend told her about roleplay in SL and being curious she joined.  Her first month was spent having fun and then she became interested in building thanks to a former sub.  When I ask if she’s a domme herself, Madame Jenny nods affirmatively.  (She asks that I highlight this point, she has many visitors who show up expecting her to be a sub!) Her interest in bondage started early when she was fascinated by photos and a few stories.  Her attraction to Japanese culture came from around them same time.  Madame Jenny’s not sure when she first encountered shibari, but she always found it to be very beautiful and erotic.  However, she does not practice shibari in RL.  It's a bigger study for her, but she smiles as she tells me that she does like having fun with ropes. Her involvement with SL bondage is a supplement to her RL practices.  Typically, Madame Jenny is tying the sub up or ordering another to make a "show."  She’s not into pixel sex as she terms SL love making because she finds teasing is far more fun inworld.  Sometimes sex happens, but mostly her bondage activities are limited to domination.  She has an aversion to chastity explaining that she leaves that joy to others. 

          However, Madame Jenny calls herself a halftime dome because the rest of the time inworld she just jumps around doing a lot of chatting, shopping and exploring too. 

          I next ask about the tea house itself and what led to its construction. 

          Madame Jenny explains that it started with she talked about building a simple Japanese house with a sub.   She tried building it and suddenly she was working on a really big challenge.  But, she built it.  As for her motivations, she was not very happy with most of the shibari places she’d found inworld.  They weren’t very Japanese. 

          Madame Jenny’s teahouse was built in classic Japanese style overlooking the sea.  The structure is four stories in height.  The bottom three floors are open to the public while
the fourth is Madame Jenny’s private residence.  The landing zone in front of the building is a deck with a sitting area with shibari devices and cages also on display.  In the floor of the deck is an entrance which leads down to a dungeon filled with cells and cages.  (Madame Jenny enjoys putting people into cages.) 

          The ground floor of the tea house has a large sitting area for serving tea along with ropes for suspension of subs and other shibari furniture.  Walking through the sitting area, one arrives in a small Japanese style garden.  The construction of the building is timber floors with tatami mats covering them.  Sliding panels, fusuma, made of paper and wood comprise the walls.  Noren hang in the doorways.  Off the main room is another large room given over to shibari practices. 

          The second floor opens onto a balcony overlooking the waterfront.  A tokonoma, or recessed space, contains an exquisite example of a bonsai tree. 

          Ascending to the third floor, one finds a large Japanese bath tub underneath a shibari
suspension rope.  Alongside is a massage area in front of a shoji screen. 

          Throughout the teahouse is evidence of Japanese art and culture.  Prints hang on the walls, lanterns, and furniture are on display.  Madame Jenny is particularly proud of her vase which she scripted herself.  They can be purchased either in her own store or in MarketPlace. 

           Madame Jenny offers the teahouse to all visitors who are interested in shibari and bondage.  All are welcome to come by and to have fun.  She does not run it as a business and cites making monthly tier payments as one of her challenges.  She laughs as she tells me that if she ran the teahouse as a business she would have shut it down long ago.  Many of her visitors are just interested in sex and not the actual practices of shibari and bondage.  She does not meet most of them but sometimes introduces a couple for their own entertainment.  While admitting that sex and bondage can be combined, Madame Jenny is more interested in bondage and teasing, the erotic aspects of domination, and having fun. 

          As our interview draws to a close and being mindful of Madame Jenny’s time, I ask her about the challenges of running the teahouse. 

          Madame Jenny replies wishing that more of her visitors came from Japan in RL.  She would also like to retain subs to act as geisha in the teahouse but has yet to meet anyone suitable.  She does not see the shibari toys here as good shibari devices, more a combination of rope bondage and sex.  Overall, she doesn’t believe shibari is very realistic inworld.  She has to occasionally give the toys a “kick” to get them working but that’s all. 
Like many owners inworld, she complains of not having enough time to do everything.  (I can relate!) She has a little dream of having ikebana (japanese flower arrangements), so she can change them often.  One pleasant surprise for her was that she didn’t have as much trouble from griefers and “jerks” and she’d expected. 

          With that, I end our interview and thank Madame Jenny for her time and candor.  I return home. 

          Madame Jenny’s Tea and Shibari House is an excellent example of a traditional Japanese structure and is well worth visiting for that reason alone.  For those interested in shibari and bondage, the site is worth visiting as well.  It may not be as true a shibari experience as Madame Jenny would like but the atmosphere and lack of crowds makes up for that.  It can be found here. 

          In the future, I’ll be taking a more indepth look at shibari in SL so watch this space for more!

          I’d like to thank Madame Jenny again for taking time away from her busy schedule to meet with me and for her very frank answers to my questions. 

          I’d also like to thank my friend, who will remain anonymous, who introduced me to her in the first place! 

Additional pictures from my visit can be found on this flickr page
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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