Saturday, September 23, 2017

How Long Is Too Long in Second Life?

The point is to keep trying new things, meeting new people, visiting new places. Once you settle into a rut, no matter how fun that rut may seem, you stagnate. You might as well be dead.

Lenore Appelhans

This question has been in the back of my mind for a while.

“How long is too long in Second Life (SL)?”

Yes, I’m asking that question of myself.

(Significant Other blinks in surprise.)

What might be going on here?

 I guess the real question is how do we stagnate?

Doing the same thing with the same tools all the time, one asks one’s self, “What’s
the point of it all?”

Friends slowly drop away, sims close down, and all are missed.

Yes, new ones come along, and no criticism of anyone or anyplace, but it doesn’t feel the same. 

The virtual world around us in SL still imposes its strictures on us.

(Ever try to have a large crowd inworld?  Not much has changed in that regard since SL started.)

We lack an economy in SL.  I mean an actual, vibrant one.  The game Monopoly has more action than SL IMHO! 

Can we stay at the fair too long?

I don’t know.

What was once new and novel is no longer new and novel. 

Maybe SL is not meant to change but we are. 

We’re meant to grow and move on and SL is a staging area for us. 

(Significant Other cautions me that I’m starting to get philosophical here.)

Maybe the question should be, “Why stay too long in SL?”

Yes, many will say that Real Life (RL) offers the same conundrum to us.  Life
changes so what do we do about it?

But, I don’t think it’s the same thing.

While I’ve always been a proponent of SL and still am, I’ve always seen it as an extension of or complementary to RL not as an equivalent or replacement. 

I’m going to mull this one for a while and my three loyal readers may be hearing a bit more about this from me in the near future.

I’d love to know what others think about this topic!

Please send me your thoughts and comments!

(Even if it’s just to tell me to stop my virtual navel gazing and get back to work blogging about SL!)

I’ll post back the comments I receive!

Many thanks! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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