Saturday, March 9, 2013

STEAM 8 in Second Life!

With the catching ends the pleasure of the chase.

Abraham Lincoln

STEAM 8 is upon us! 
 Hard to believe that six months have passed since STEAM 7 , but it’s true, a new hunting season is upon us. 
          Just a quick recap, STEAM 8, a steampunk themed Second Life (SL) hunt runs from March 1st to 31st inworld.  As usual the Hunt has a subtheme to the main steampunk one.  This time it’s “The Lost World” honoring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  (He did write stories without Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.  Read it, it’s a great story.)  Participating merchants are incorporating this concept into their gifts to the hunters.   
          My good friend, Perryn Peterson, freed himself from his busy schedule to give me an update on STEAM 8 and another new project of his.  (More on this later.)  Perryn can’t believe that he’s up to the eighth STEAM event.  (Time does fly even inworld.) 
           Perryn happily announces that favorite, old merchants along with excellent, new ones will have their wares on display.  The old favorites include Gunther Berthold of Steampunk Works who has an incredible mini-hunt when hunters reach the final stage.  Oriolus Oliva of The Golden Oriole has his usual mystery waiting to be solved with hints and such like.  Noddington Schmooz’s trippy shop is back as well.  But these are just a few of the many others reprising their role as merchants. 
          New merchants joining the Hunt include Crosswired Deanimator of High Mobius Creations, Oma Infinity who has recently opened her shop, Art by Oma, in Mieville Poe has some interesting art work, and Miss Briony Juran owner of the Cog & Grog shop who shows off the work Arcadia Asylum.  Plus many more! 
Now for Perryn’s latest, new project which I can now announce.  Perryn will be celebrating St.  Patrick’s Day shortly.  Stay tuned for another story in my blog about this new festival! 
I want to thank Perryn for his time and assistance. I look forward to visiting with the hunters and merchants during the remainder of the Hunt.  So, remember!  STEAM 8 is already underway.  Please go and see the beautiful work prepared for it by the creators, meet the merchants and other hunters, and see all the work and effort that Perryn and his team have put into this spectacular and one of a kind event!
As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.
Below are a few pictures of some of STEAM 8 and the Steampunk Museum.  I hope you drop by and see for yourself! 
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Photo No. 2 Perryn Peterson


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