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Erotic Storytelling in Second Life

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.

Philip Pullman 

          This week’s story has not turned out as I’d originally hoped.  Lisah Lorefield , my Second Life (SL) friend had invited me to an erotica reading that was taking place in Utopia Naked Isle Resort at the VIP section.
          Always willing to support a fellow writer, I readily agreed and planned on attending.  Unfortunately, as this is becoming a regular aspect of my inworld life these days, things didn’t go as planned.
          I’ve written this story because I wanted to call attention to the efforts of Utopia to offer events for their members and the variety of activities taking place in SL which are different.  I also know that many of my readers enjoy my misadventures inworld.  (Significant Other believes they just want to see just how badly I can mess things up.)  So, I’ve decided to marry both of these up into one story.  You’ve been warned! 
          What should have happened was me attending an Erotic Reading at the High Cliffs in the VIP side of Utopia.  RickBear would be reading from one of his stories.  This sounded like a great opportunity to meet the Utopia VIP membership and hear from a fellow writer.  The High Cliffs is, as its name suggests, a high promontory that overlooks the beaches and surrounding waters at Utopia.  (It’s a beautiful view, VIP membership is well worth the views alone.) 
          So, here’s what happened instead.  After rushing home in Real Life (RL) after being out with Significant Other, I log into SL and head to Utopia.  I rez onto High Cliffs where Lisah and several others have already assembled.  (Interestingly, as a clothing optional resort, the audience is in various states of dress or undress.) 
          Everyone is chatting amicably. Then the reading begins.  Silence.  All I hear is the background music.  I IM Lisah and ask her if Rick has started yet.  (I feel badly for Lisah, I’m always reaching out to her when she’s around and I’m in trouble.)    She replies in the affirmative and politely inquires as to what’s my problem this time.  (Did I mention Lisah’s very patient?)  I next ask if she can hear the music too.  Her reply is what music.  If eyeballs could be rolled in SL, I’m sure Lisah’s would have been by now.  It’s one thing to hear things in RL that no one else does but when it starts happening to you inworld then you really have to begin to wonder about yourself. 
          I fumble around trying to sort things out.  I’m not making any headway and am beginning to attract attention as others ask me to turn my mike off.  Yep, I’m really making a good impression here with the VIP crowd. 
          Lisah suggests politely that I try relogging in.  Sounds good.  I’m sure she breathes a sigh of relief as I rez out.  I rez back.  Arriving at the High Cliffs again and I’m sure being disruptive. 
          Now, I can’t hear anything at all.  Music, speaker, nada.  Lisah tries giving me advice but I’m stuck.  I retry the logging back out and in. 
          Once again I drop into the middle of the reading.  (Sorry, Rick!)  Lisah continues to help me and offers advice.  (I really ruined her evening.)  I quickly realize that I’m probably the only person inworld who still uses the Second Life Viewer.  Lisah uses Firestorm and from her controlled response to my telling her what I use I suspect that I’m doing a good job of retaining my noobie status. (BTW, am I the only resident who thinks Second Life’s online help is useless?) 
          By now, the reading is drawing to a close.  The applause and congratulations in chat tell me this.  The audience members begin to leave.  From their responses, I gather that everyone enjoyed the story.  Rick read his story entitled Storm.  This story can be found at Rick’s blog.  His blog is registered as adult content and may not be NSFW but this story and others of his are there and I recommend dropping by to read them for anyone who enjoys erotica. 
          In hindsight, I probably came back too quickly from my recent technical problems and I hadn’t checked my equipment prior to joining the reading.  My bad. 
          I’d like to apologize to RickBear and the other attendees for disrupting the reading.  His performance and work deserve better than my slapstick meanderings.  I hope to see more of his work inworld. 
I also want to apologize to Lisah for ruining her evening and to thank her for all her help during the event and afterwards when she downloaded the Second Life Viewer and helped me diagnose my problems.  (The ones other than me.) 
          I’d also like to thank the owners and operators of Utopia for staging this Erotic Reading and hope that they do more.  (I promise I won’t be disruptive.)
To add to the fun ‘n frolic, I realize later that in my rush to attend the reading while undressing, I forgot to rez my genitalia.  So, I was running around looking like a eunuch.  My thanks to Lisah and the others for not pointing this out at the time.  Either that or people really don’t look below the belt in nudist resorts. 
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 
Below I’ve included a few links to pictures of Utopia and people there.  Pictures are fun but, trust me on this, go visit for yourself, see the place, meet the people, and have a great time!
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Photo No. 1  Lisah Lorefield

Photo No. 2  RickBear

Photo No. 4  Utopia VIP Section


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