Friday, October 11, 2013

Gacha – The Latest Fad in Second Life

It’s driven by economics now.  This is a trend not a fad.

David Knight


          Hopefully, my readers know by now that I’m always on the lookout for the latest fads and trends in Second Life (SL) to bring back for their reading pleasure and to spare them the aggravation and danger (OK, there goes that overly developed sense of the dramatic of mine again.) of doing it themselves. 
          With the assistance of my good friend, Perryn Peterson, I was recently able to come up to speed on one of the latest fads sweeping across SL and one that has its roots in Real Life (RL). 
          Perryn, SL’s impresario extraordinaire, has done it again.  Reaching into both RL and SL, his next event is based on gacha.  The name is the Mieville Midway Halloween Gacha Expo and Event. 
           Now, you may be asking, what exactly is a gacha and why should I even care.  (I know that I was initialy.)  Well, like many pop culture fads these days, this one comes from Japan where these small toys enclosed in small capsules are all the rage these days.  And, as Perryn explained to me, they are becoming very trendy inworld these days too. 
          The capsules are dispensed from coin operated vending machines and can contain small figures based on anime or manga or other small toys.  There are also ones for the adult market containing female figures in various states of undress. 
          Similar to the Pokemon franchise, the figures are either common and ordinary or rare and highly sought after.  There is a very active secondary market for these objects. 
          Perryn also told me that gacha collecting has become a very popular pastime inworld recently.  Similar to RL, the collectibles range from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Gache events are mobbed with residents going to extremes to obtain the rarer ones.  (Did I say that SL behaviors emulate RL ones?) 
          Being a yard sale aficionado in both RL and SL, Perryn has noticed the popularity of gachas in these secondary markets.
          Thanks to Perryn, I was able to get a sneak preview of the gacha expo before anyone else.  (As in RL, having friends like Perryn in high places definitely helps.)  While many of the other merchants’ shops were being set up, the gacha pavilion had been built and was fully equipped with other a dozen gacha dispeners ready to go.
          The Mieville Midway Halloween Gacha Expo and Event runs from October 15th to 31st and is a Halloween themed event. 
          Perryn’s usual attention to detail is evident and his selection of merchants with holiday themed merchandise is first rate.  I can confidently recommend visiting this event.  You won’t disappointed!
          I’d like to thank Perryn for taking the time from his busy schedule to show me around and educate me about gachas. 
          I’ve included a few pictures from the grounds of the gacha expo but, as always, I strongly recommend that you go yourselves and see the marvelous merchandise on display and to support the merchants. 
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 
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Photo No. 1  Event Poster

Photo No. 2  Gacha Pavilion

Photo No. 3  Gacha Machines

Photo No. 4  More Gacha Machines

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