Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Renaissance Hunt and Faire Returns to Second Life


Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.

Anne Sullivan



          Autumn is approaching in both Second Life (SL) and Real Life (RL).

          (Yes, I know it’s several more weeks until the autumnal equinox but the Labor Day holiday weekend has always marked the end of summer for me!)

          The rituals of life, whether nature’s or our own, begin to play themselves out again.  (Significant Other hopes that I don’t become overly sentimental.)

          One inworld ritual which I enjoy immensely is the annual Renaissance Hunt and Faire organized and run by Perryn Peterson and his band of merry women and men.  The event runs from September 1st to 30th this year just as it did last year. This is the fourth time the event is being held inworld. 

          Like life itself, the Hunt and Faire don’t remain the same.  The event I blogged about last year has changed in a few ways.  Some subtle, some not so subtle.  But, they point to how SL is a dynamic, changing environment.

          Likewise, other things have remained the same.  But, are they?  Or, do we look at them differently because of the passage of time and what we’ve experienced along the way?

          I go back to this sim again as it slowly awakens to prepare itself for the festivities and the soon to be arriving guests.

          I’m an old hand now, so I don’t have to drag poor Perryn away from all his duties as Mayor of Mieville to show me around. 

          Upon rezzing in at the arrival area, I see the first major change.  Where once an old galleon had sat moored to a dock, a small cove with several small boats greets me.  A waterfront with small merchants’ shops, some already occupied, winds around the cove.

          Behind me, the sea beckons and I can stroll completely around the cove thanks to a small foot footbridge which goes over the entrance to the sea.

          Strolling up from the water’s edge, I pass the registration center for the hunters and from there through the town gate into the fair grounds.  I feel like I’m in old neighborhood.  I no longer get lost here.  (We won’t mention Significant Other’s observation.)

          What I always enjoy walking along this part of the sim is Mike Olbracht, Perryn’s partner and Mieville’s landscaping wunderkind has managed to capture the pastoral feel of the fields and woods with the small village effect.

          Booths have been set up for the merchants and they are being slowly filled and I have no doubt that all will be in place for opening day as it always is.  One of my favorite exhibits, the Chained Library recreating a Renaissance library is not set up yet but I have Perryn’s assurances that it will be so I’ll be returning to check it out after the opening.

          The usual entertainments will be ready for the hunters and other visitors, jousting, fencing, galliard dancing, and the May pole.  Refreshments will also be served.

          Merchants will be offering a broad array of merchandise with the emphasis on the Renaissance period.  (There’s a good deal on full suits of armor if anyone’s interested.)

          My walk takes me through the gypsy encampment.  Stopping to look inside several of the vardos, I get a sense of the color and beautiful workmanship that has gone into their interiors.  The fortune teller is back and her crystal book is sitting on a table waiting for customers.

          The horse paddock is nearby conveniently situated near a stream which flows down from the hills.  Following along the pathway from here, I arrive at the signpost just inside the town gate where I’d started.

          As always, the Hunt and Faire will be a fun event.  Dozens of merchants will have their wares on display.  Gifts will be available for hunters.  This hunt consistently draws high marks from its participants for the diversity and originality of its gifts.

          Several merchants will be having their own mini-hunts.  (No, I won’t tell you who or what!  There has to some suspense left, right?)

          If you’re wondering if you should come and participate, I encourage you to do so.

          The camaraderie of the Hunt and the Faire has to be experienced firsthand like all good experiences in life whether SL or RL.  The community that runs and supports these events is a wonderful group of people and if you plan on being a regular inworld then you have to meet them.

          Please come and enjoy yourselves!  Maybe you’ll run into me!  (I do give autographs!)

           I’ve included pictures from my visit but I encourage everyone to go and see these wonderful sights for yourselves.  I’m about as good inworld with a camera as I am in RL so checking for yourself is highly recommended.  (Significant Other nods violently in agreement.)

          I’d like to thank Perryn for briefing before my visit and for his and his entire team’s efforts to put on this spectacular event again!

          As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.   

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Photo No. 1 New Arrival Area

Photo No. 2 Event Poster

Photo No. 4 Cove

Photo No. 5 Seaward View

Photo No. 7 Merchant’s Shop

Photo No. 8 Florist

Photo No. 11 Horse Paddock

Photo No. 12 The Maypole

Photo No. 13 View of Faire Grounds

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