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Helping Others in Second Life III

The Future Is Now!

Relay for Life


          Spring has finally arrived!

          (Despite winter’s last gasp with a final snowstorm here in the Northeast.)

          This is also the time that Relay for Life (RFL) begins its annual drive in Second Life
(SL) on behalf of the American Cancer Society. 

          I made an appeal last year for residents to come out and help as best they can and I’m doing it again this year.

          I don’t do this because I neither have anything else to blog about nor just want to feel like a nice guy for doing something decent (although I do hope it’s viewed that way.)

          I do this because cancer is a horrible disease which robs our friends and families of their lives and their happiness.

          I do this because there is a need and any effort no matter how seemingly small or insignificant contributes to the total battle against cancer.

          I do this in memory of all our loved ones whom we’ve lost and who serve as constant reminders as to why we who still live in Real Life (RL) must continue the fight.

          Some may find this preachy and offputting. (Significant Other doesn’t think so.  We’ve both lost loved ones to cancer.)

          Fine, they’re right!  (Hey, it’s my blog after all!)

          Once in a while, I use my soapbox to make my readers uncomfortable and make them think about the world around us.  The real world not the virtual one we sometimes visit.

          Unlike SL, RL can’t always be rosy and cheerful. 

          Damaged RL lives can’t be fixed with a new makeover or another alt.

          In the nearly five years that I’ve been wandering around SL, I’ve learned a lot about its communities and the people who comprise them.

          Yes, many come together inworld to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

          But, many, I do mean many, also take time away from the fun ‘n frolic and help others such

as by contributing to RFL in one form or another.

          That’s why I’m here today.

          To ask you to help in any way that you can.

          This can be financial.

          This can be time spent helping the teams that are organizing events inworld.

          This can be coming out and participating in events to show your support and to encourage others.

          This can be spreading the message to your friends and groups so that as many residents as possible are of RFL.

          Last year, almost 3,000 residents raised $415,000 US for cancer research.

          Will you help us break that goal?

          The official RFL season begins with kickoff events in March and runs until August.  Other special events occur throughout the year.

          An events calendar and a special events listing are available on the Relay for Life of Second Life website.

           The website also contains information on how to participate, press releases, and progress reports.  It’s a great resource for people interested in helping out and for locating events to attend.

          In SL, the American Cancer Society sim can be found here along with information
about current events inworld.

          I hope I’ve convinced some of you to contribute and/or participate!

          This is when communities come together and really show what they can do!

          Hope to see you during RFL! 

          As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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