Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Christmas Season in Second Life

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

Norman Vincent Peale


          I know it’s getting on towards Christmastime in Real Life (RL) when the last of the Thanksgiving turkey is finished and Black Friday unleashes its fury on the world. 

          I know it’s getting on towards Christmastime in Second Life (SL) when my old friend inworld, Perryn Peterson, drops me a line and asks if I’d like a preview of the current year’s
Christmas extravaganza in SL!

          The Mieville Christmas event is an annual feature of a very active SL social calendar. 

          Each year has a different theme. 

          Past themes have been A Christmas Carol, Christkindlkmarkt, and the last time the River Thames froze over. 

          As usual, I kick off my own Christmas season by meeting with Perryn and getting a sneak peek at the festivities before the official opening. 

          (Significant Other adds writing Christmas cards to the list of pre-Holiday fun.)

          This year’s theme is Christmas Land!

          And, it’s a no holds barred jump into the joy, pageantry, and innocent celebration which makes up the Christmas season!

          The Christmas Land sim comprises four Lands which make up the sim along with Santa’s Hangout.

          These are Snow Land, Candy Land, Toy Land, and Lights Land.

          Each has its own unique perspective on Christmas.

          My tour begins with my rezzing into an ice palace where I meet my tour guide, Perryn.

Walking through the entrance to Christmas Land takes us out onto the main street.

          Multi-colored passenger rail cars line both sides of the street where glimpses of life-sized toys and Christmas decorations can be seen between the cars.

          The four Christmas Lands can be found off this main street.

          The eponymously named sims each show a different aspect of the Holiday traditions. 

          True to his customary cleverness, Perryn has ensured that Christmas Land is different from all the Christmas festivals of the past!

          New games and amusements from Miss Tailahr Winnikow are in evidence across the Lands.

          New merchants’ booths from Sebastian (AKA Sebby) Tiogar in the shape of Christmas decorations and novelties are everywhere.  (Along with merchants and their
wares to fill them!)

          Topping it all off is Santa Claus’ Hangout with his throne room and the reindeer stables. 

          (Perryn as well as several of his colleagues will be filling in for Santa this year.)

          The Advent Calendar with a different gift for visitors for each day leading up to Christmas is also located in Santa’s Hangout.

          Across the skating ring which is directly in front of the Hangout is the gacha hall where seasonal gachas can be obtained,

          Some of the new activities include customizing the snow person, snow ball fights, sledding and snowmen bowling (definitely not for the faint of heart), ice fishing, and new rides like the rising cookie ride!

          Give them all a try!

          Other highlights include gifts from the merchants (don’t forget to check the peppermint candy boxes scattered across Christmas Land), Arcadia Asylum’s marvelous freebies are
available at the Cog & Grog shop, and Moonsugah Monday’s fabulous refreshments which can almost be tasted are available!

          (BTW Moonsugah has recently moved her shop into Mieville Twain!)

          Christmas Land is a fun and lighthearted view of Christmas which can be enjoyed by everyone and I certainly recommend all to come and get into the spirit of the Holiday! 

          Christmas Land can be found here and will be open from November 27th to January 3rd.

          Come, have fun, and enjoy yourselves!

          Bring friends!

          (Snowball fights are no fun all by yourself!)

          Tell ‘em web sent you!

          (And watch out for those snowballs!)

          I’d like to thank Perryn for taking the time to meet with me and giving the guided tour!

          I’d also like to thank him and his team for another wonderful Christmas festival!

          More pictures from my visit can be found on this flicker page. 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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          Open roads and kind fires!


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I will bookmark you Webspelunker, and check out that Christmas sim today. I followed you on Twitter too (though I'm new to it and just getting the hang of it).