Saturday, June 17, 2017

Helping Others in Second Life XI – Are You Going to the Oasis?

The desert sands lead on, but look ahead -

a palace of bright tents and green date palms

where camel backs can crumple knee bones down.

An oasis waits beneath the desert moon.

Join us for poetry, the feet of dance, sweet wine

and live with us this night outside of time…

Caravanserai Notecard

Recently, Singh, an old friend in Second Life (SL) reached out to me to say “Hello”. 

We’d first met on Book Island several years ago and had been in touch on and off during that time.  (I keep telling everyone that as an SL friend, I do tend to come and go!)

Singh has recently completed his PhD in Real Life (RL) and now teaches Creative Writing in Southeast Asia. 

(Significant Other is amazed that anyone with these credentials would actually hang around with me.  I reply that he needs good examples of how not to write.)

Singh told me about an event he’s running to aid a charity in RL and asked me if I’d be interested in blogging about it.

Do I ever need to be asked twice?

Here’s the story, maybe you can help us!

The event is entitled Caravanserai – Crossroads of the Arts. 

Its purpose is to raise funds for Feed a Smile, a charity which assists needy school children in Kenya. 

Caravanserai will be an hour of storytelling, poetry reading, song and dance, theater and machinima screenings, followed by a panel discussion about the value of the arts in education. (This part of SL MOOC 2017.)

Middle or Central Asian dress or Asian fusion style is encouraged t get with the spirit of the event. 

There will be plenty to see and do!

There’s a flying carpet ride, a Tarot card reader, Palaces of the Moon and Sun, a pilgrim camp, a Bedouin oasis, and an impressive caravanserai which is the center of the activities. 

One of the most impressive aspects for me in my years wandering around SL is how people come together to help others in RL.  There seems to be no barrier to what is possible when people put their minds to it inworld.

So, please come out and walk around the great sim put together by Singh and contribute if you can and help some children far away who struggle to make it through their first lives let alone having second ones like we’re fortunate to have.

Caravanserai – Crossroads of the Arts is going to be a fun and worthwhile event!

So, please come, enjoy yourselves, and please contribute if you can!

BTW Did I mention that this is Singh’s first event inworld? 

Let’s come out and give him some moral support!

The event will take place on Saturday, June 24th, at 7:00AM SLT and can be found here. 

More information can be found here on their blog. 

Their YouTube trailer is here.  This is especially well done, check it out! 

Additional pictures from my visit can be found on this flickr page.

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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