Friday, December 30, 2011

Twenty-four Hours in Second Life – Hour II

OK, like so many good plans in my life, I haven’t been able to stick to posting every hour.  But, I have been in Second Life (SL) and I have been having a good time, going places I haven’t been before and doing things I haven’t done before either.  So, hopefully, everyone will feel it was worthwhile for me to keep moving in SL.

After leaving my last destination, Phaze Demesnes  (The story can be found here. ), my friend Turnip Canningham  came inworld and we went off together to visit a few places. 

Our first stop was Linden Realms , the new game introduced by Linden Lab (LL) into SL.  I wasn’t impressed.  We arrived in an area with other avatars falling out of the sky like paratroopers on D-Day.  We then followed a path to a portal which took us somewhere else.  Once there, we had to find a basement and complete a series of tasks.

Maybe we’re not good at games, or, Turnip and I bore easily but we left.  The surrounding woods looked interesting so we wandered off the path so to speak.  Next thing I know, Turnip IM’s me saying that a rock monster had grabbed her and TP’d her someplace else. 

Being the hero wannabe that I am, I immediately answered her TP request and went to be with her.  Where I then promptly led us into a pond of toxic water.  Getting ourselves out that sticky situation, we went back into the woods (We’re nothing, if not gluttons for punishment!).  Whereupon, rock monsters continued to grab us as we stumbled about.  (I can understand they’re wanting to grab Turnip, I’m not so sure why they wanted me.)  At this point, we gave up and left. 

A quick aside about Linden Realms.  While I’m glad to see that LL is trying to introduce something new into SL, Linden Realms needs work.  It harkens back to the old quest and puzzle games of the early days in PC’s and is not done nearly as well.  I’ll return to give it another look but so far, I’m not impressed. 

Turnip and I decide to next visit The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure at the Atrum Complexo.  However, we appeared to arrive too late for the Christmas season as we were blocked from entry.  We’ll try again next year.  So, onward and upwards as they say!

I then suggested going to Phaze Demesnes which Turnip agreed to.  She hadn’t been there before so it was a new experience for her.  We took the flying crane tour of the sim and enjoyed ourselves.  I strongly recommend this for anyone looking for a quick introduction to the Phaze Demesnes.

Turnip then suggested that we go somewhere where we could bicycle and I snowmobile.  It sounded like fun and was a new experience for me so I joined her. 

We arrived at BikerParties Bike, Snowmobil Rezzer area and skate rink in .Loon.  With Turnip’s help, I found myself astride a snowmobile and running around all over the drifts.  The sim is very authentic and lends itself easily to the feeling of driving through woods in the snow. 

At this point, Real Life (RL) called Turnip away and I realized that I was falling behind in my blogs.  So, we went our separate ways.

So far in my day being spent in SL, I have not been disappointed in what I’m seeing and experiencing.  Maybe Linden Realms could be better, but, it’s a start and let’s see what transpires.  Now, I’m off to my next stop. 

I’m going to do my best to keep posting hourly but SL commitments may impact that.  But, there will be more stories! 

I want to thank Turnip Canningham for coming out to meet with me during my twenty-four hours in SL.  I also am grateful to her for introducing me to the fun of snowmobiling in SL! 

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Photo No. 1: Linden Realms Portal Area

Photo No. 2: North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure Off Season Arrival Area

Photo No. 3: web on a snowmobile

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