Friday, December 30, 2011

Twenty-four Hours in Second Life – Hour IV

          As I’ve written earlier, I’m way off base in the number of stories I’ve posted from my Twenty-four Hours in SL journey.  All I can say in my defense is that I accomplished my objectives of reaching out and meeting the SL community. If anything, I probably surpassed my original expectations because I spent far more time with other residents than I’d planned which prevented me from blogging hourly.  (How’s that for a rationalization?)

I also believe that I’ve given a full and complete account of my time in SL over these twenty-four hours.  This post will cover the last major activities before I wrap the journey and summarize my observations.  The previous segment in this series can be found here.    

Shortly after posting the last story, Page Eames, a friend and one of the leading designers in SL, also,  the owner of La Flat, contacted me and suggested that I visit the Fifty Linden Friday Sale in SL.  This is an event where several of the top designers in SL come together to offer one special item on Friday for 50L.  The participating shops rotate each.  This Friday turned out to be the last such event.  I visited a store Page recommended, Fashionably Dead,  specializing in women’s hair, and Split Pea Manistore on Lloyd, specializing in women’s accessories.  Both stores were mobbed.  (By SL standards, I’m not talking Black Friday at Macy’s in Herald Square.) What I found interesting about both of these stores was that I didn’t encounter the usual, post-modern glitz associated with high end shops in SL.  The first store was in a rundown set of shops and Split Pea was open air.  Yet the merchandise and the clientele were definitely top drawer.  An interesting lesson here for marketers in SL. 

After this excursion, I met two friends, Janey Bracken and Hibiscus Hastings,  at the Jamaica Inn sim to learn how to play the game of Greedy, Greedy.  (BTW, Jamaica Inn is a bit of a misnomer, snow was everywhere when I arrived.  My two friends found this hilarious.)  Now, I pride myself on my ability to play games.  I have a good head for probabilities.  (Significant Other may say otherwise but I’m not going there.)  I was totally clueless.  Written instructions were given to me and I was still lost.  Then to my chagrin, I’m leading by 2,300 points.  Despite Janey and Hibiscus saying this skill on my part, as far as I was concerned, this was pure dumb luck.  Before I left for my next appointment, I was a hair’s breadth away from first place.  Buying lottery tickets is more of a science than this game.  Somehow, I got away with my pride and reputation more or less in one piece. 

          My next stop was a modeling class at AvCon productions  led by two friends of mine, Chelle Hawker and Furry Fizgig.  Three students were in the class including IFo Hancroft, one of my oldest friends in SL.  This class was one of the earlier introductory ones and included the basics of learning the craft, walking, posing, and behavior.  Chelle and Furry shared their experiences, war stories, and perspectives.  I was particularly impressed with how the instructors did not run out after class but stayed and talked with the students. 

          After the models, I visited the Masked Ball held in the 1920's Berlin sim hosted by Frau Jo Yardley. The event was held in the Odeon.  There was music, dancing,and food.  The company was enjoyable and pleasant.  This sim always offers an enjoyable look back to a time before madness descended on the world.

I was getting close to the end when I accepted an invitation from any1 Gynoid  Turns out that this was a series of two parties during which time I danced with any1 and we discussed politics and economics.  From any1 and her friends, I sensed their strong feeling for those whose rights, whether civil or economic were affected.  The need for full and fair employment came through loud and clear.   

I want to thank everyone for coming out to meet with me during my twenty-four hours in SL.  I also am grateful to all of them for helping me along the way! 

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Photo No. 1: Fashionably Dead

Photo No. 2: AvCom Productions Modeling Class


Anonymous said...

Hi Web, Thanks for dropping by and having a game of Greedy with us. It's a lot of fun (well, Janey is a shark, but never mind), so hope you come back for a rematch. Happy New Year!

webspelunker said...

Thank you for trying to teach me how to play Greedy. I know it wasn't easy and I promise to read the rules next time! Happy New Year!

.::La Flat::. said...
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.::La Flat::. said...

Hey! Reposting. =D

I'm so glad you got to check out the very last Fifty Linden Friday. It's what started the "day" sale string like Moody Mondays and Lazy Sunday. And with the economy the way it is (in SL too!) it was so - so kind of the designers who participated and offered their hard work for such a discount.

And thanks for the "fix". I WISH I could make hair like Toast Bard, the creator and master mind behind Fashionably Dead, the salon in the gorgeous, run down Spanish-styled Tableau. But I cannot. =D I make fashionable furniture, and am really just a spec on the grid compared to many other home furnishings designers. But thank you for the very, very kind words.

I hope you plan to stick around SL! And that you weren't just here for 24-hours. You still have so much to explore!

Try this blog-

They share some of the most amazing places in SL, so many worth exploring.

.::La Flat::. said...

Oi..just clearing things up again here in ye' old blogosphere!

I have NEVER met Toast Bard. =D I just happened to be at her store shopping when I imed you about FLF..and invited you to join me in case you wanted to write about it's very last run, which, as you saw, was awesome. NOT saying I wouldn't want to meet Toast Bard!


"Page’s store was in a rundown set of shops and Split Pea was open air. Yet the merchandise and the clientele were definitely top drawer. An interesting lesson here for marketers in SL."

My store is not on Tableau. It's on a completely different sim. That would be Toast's store you are typing about.