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STEAM 7 – The Wrap!

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.  

T. S. Eliot          

Sadly, all good things must come to an end.  STEAM 7 is over and all we have are the memories.  (OK, and some great pix!)  And, the promise of future hunts from Perryn Peterson.  I blogged about the kick-off party for the event, I checked in midway through the Hunt, and now, I’m wrapping it up. (You’ve got to admit, I’m thorough!)
          For those of you joining late, STEAM 7, a steampunk themed Second Life (SL) hunt ran from September 1st to 30th inworld.  As usual the Hunt had a subtheme to the main steampunk one.  This time it was “Time & Space” honoring H. G. Wells.  Participating merchants incorporated this concept into their gifts to the hunters.  
          As is the STEAM Hunt tradition, a wrap party was held to celebrate the end of the Hunt and to give team members, merchants, and hunters one last chance to get together. Unlike prior hunts, this wrap party was held on September 29th, and not the last day.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.  (The attendees may say fortunately.)
           The party was held at Mieville Academy Asylum Library and Prof. Grey’s (AKA brian61 landar) prim handiwork was much in evidence.  Skeletons (with thirty-three prims each I’m told, almost as many as there are bones in a real skeleton) were numerous in the haunted cemetery theme used for the party’s venue.  The skeleton band really had things jumping I’m told. 
          Since the wrap party was not held at the conclusion of the Hunt, the Fave Five winners could not be announced at that time.  The Fave Five are the merchants voted by the hunters as best in terms of gifts, service, and whatever else it is that intrigues them.  But, the winners can now be announced!  Perryn just gave me the go ahead and here they are:
·       Gold (1st Place) - Epic Toy Factory - Mayah Parx

·       Silver (2nd Place) - Ghostraven's Steampunk and Pirates  - Marcel Ghostraven (No relation!)

·       Copper (3rd Place) - Joy of Steampunk Museum - Knowledge Tomorrow

·       Bronze (4th Place) - Land of Nodd - Noddington Schmooz

·       Iron (5th Place) - Ankh Morpork - Janeel Kharg

Congratulations to all the winning merchants! 
          Noddington Schmooz of Land of Nodd designed the trophies for the Fave Five winners.  Each trophy is in the base color of its award (gold, silver, copper, bronze, and iron) with its place etched on the front.  A little zeppelin flies around each trophy.  No wonder he was one of the Fave Five! 
Once again, I come away impressed by the organization, commitment, and creativity of a group of SL residents who have been doing this for over three years.  This is neither a fad nor a flash in the pan.  Come look at the work done by these merchants and I dare you not to be impressed.  Come see people working and playing together and tell me this is only a game that happens to use pixels as its medium. 
Steampunks are one of the few communities in SL I’ve encountered where social life, scripting, and creativity are all equally evident and important.  I’m not faulting other communities just calling out what makes this one special, unique, and successful.  Very successful.  Of course, there’s Perryn Peterson. Leadership counts as much in SL as it does in Real Life (RL).  Maybe more.  (Yes, I’m biased here but I’ve been around Perryn and his team long enough that it’s hard not to be.) 
I want to thank Perryn for his time and assistance. I look forward to visiting with the hunters and merchants in future Hunts and can’t wait to what clever new ideas they present.  I would also like to thank Noddington Schmooz, and Prof. Grey for taking the time to reply to my queries.  I would also like to thank Prof. Gray for his permission to use the pictures indicated below.
STEAM 7 may be over but it’s only six months to the next one and I’m sure Perryn and his crew are working their magic for us!  And, let’s not forget the Renaissance Faire which will be soon upon us!  (I still don’t know how Perryn does it all. He must have a lot of alts.) 
As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.
Below are a few pictures of the STEAM 7 wrap party and other people and topics associated with the event.  I hope you enjoy them!  Again, thanks to Prof. Grey for the use of his! 
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Photo No. 2 Perryn Peterson

Photo No. 4 Skeleton Band

Photo No. 8 STEAM 7 Guests 1

Photo No. 9 STEAM 7 Guests 2

Photo No. 10 STEAM 7 Guests 3


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