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The Renaissance Hunt and Faire Returns to Second Life!

Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.

Anne Sullivan Macy

          My old friend, Perryn Peterson, has been very busy of late.  (Actually, Perryn’s always been busy since I’ve known him, he just seems busier than usual lately.)  After STEAM 7, the Day of the Dead , and A Christmas Carol productions, he’s at it again with yet another Second Life (SL) production.    
          This time, it’s the return of an old favorite, the Renaissance Hunt and Faire which is coming back for its second iteration this year. 

          Perryn offered to give me a tour while it was being set up and I naturally jumped on the chance to get a tour from the man himself.
          We TP into the landing zone from Dickens Christmas Village.  (We’re having a busy day.)  The event’s poster designed by Tattoo Lane greets us.  We’re standing on a ship moored at a dock near the town where the Faire is taking place.  I have a sense of nostalgia because I’m returning after having been away for almost a year. It may sound odd but even returning to a place in a virtual world where good times had been had in the past with good friends can bring out these feelings (at least with me).

          Perryn and I disembark and walk to the rezz area where visitors can prepare their appearances if needed and pick up the Faire program.  From there we walk through the town gate and enter the Faire itself.  Renaissance music can be heard as we walk and contributes to the atmosphere. 
          Walking the circuit counterclockwise from the main gate, the village maypole is off to my left.  Merchants’ shops are on my right.  The first one I encounter is Kismet, a purveyor of period cottages and related textures.  The surroundings are bucolic and the natural scenery is well laid out with trees, flowers, and grasses highlighting the natural effect. 

          While returning on a subsequent visit for some pictures, I come across Colette Charleville, the proprietor of Sweet Sorrows a purveyor of period furniture.  Colette had been in last Faire and had received a lot of business at her main store from it.  She’s very impressed with the Faire’s organization and Perryn’s leadership. 
          Continuing along the path Perryn and I come across the gypsy encampment where it’d been last year.  Not all the caravans have been set up yet and I don’t see signs of the fortune teller who’d been here last year.  I hope she returns because what’s a gypsy encampment without a fortune teller? 

          Walking around the encampment and looking over the wagons and the horses in the pasture, makes me think about my wanders across SL.  Someday, I’d like to organize a caravan of wagons with other travelers and cross the Grid.  (If anyone’s interested in joining me, please drop a line and let’s talk!) 
          Approximately one hundred and thirty merchants were at last year’s Faire and Perryn says that approximately the same number have signed up for this year.  Not all have set up yet but while I walked along the merchants’ row I encounter Kittycat’s Creations a builder of fine drinks and decanters in the Renaissance style.  Medieval Designs, a new vendor, designs and builds suits of armor.  Arwen’s Creations, owned by Arwen Serpente, designs and makes fine Renaissance women’s clothes. 

          Several old favorites from last year have returned.  The fencing pitch, jousting field, and the galliard dance area are all back.  My personal favorite, the Renaissance book display is on the green.  The busking stage and food pavilion have returned as well. 
          Circling around and coming back to our starting point, we see the three large buildings for merchants. Nearby is the tree house and more docks where more ships will be moored.  Seasonal decorations are being hung on the buildings adding to the festive air. 

          Once again there is the promise of fun in the air at the Renaissance Hunt and Faire.  Period merchandise and activities will be available.  Perryn and his team have done their usual outstanding job of bringing together people in a place for everyone to have a good time.  
          Renaissance Hunt and Faire II will run from December 1st to 31st. 

          I encourage everyone to drop by if they have the time to see the Faire and participate in the mini-hunt.  A fun time will be had by all! 
          I’d like to thank Perryn for taking the time to show me around the sim and answer my questions.  I also appreciate his giving me the scoop on this story. 

          Below are links to a few pictures from the sims we visited.  They give a sense of what they’re like.  But you really have to see and experience them for yourselves.
As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.

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Photo No. 1  Perryn Peterson

Photo No. 6 Kismet Shop

Photo No. 7 Maypole

Photo No. 9 Gypsy Encampment

Photo No. 11 Fencing Pitch

Photo No. 14 Medieval Designs Shop

Photo No. 15 Busking Stage

Photo No. 17 Merchants’ Lane

Photo No. 18 Food Pavilion

Photo No. 19 Galliard Dance Field

Photo No. 20 Tree House

Photo No. 21 Seasonal Decorations

Photo No. 23 Natural Settings

Photo No. 24 Sign Post

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