Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dancing in Second Life

Cause I’m a dancer!

John Belushi

           My latest foray into new experiences involves dancing.  Yep, me out there on the floor cutting a rug.  (The Internet is a wonderful way to bring terms from earlier generations back into use although I was somewhat surprised to see how the expression has morphed in modern times.  Must be a good story in there somewhere.)  When I want to go out and socialize in Second Life (SL), dancing has become a pastime for me. 
          Why do I do it?
          Well, for one, I dance a helluva lot better in SL than I do in Real Life (RL)!  (Significant Other believes it would be difficult for me to dance any worse than I do in RL.)  Then meeting someone inworld and just standing around talking just doesn’t seem to be all that interesting after a bit.  Which again is where SL is an awful lot like RL.  Where do people go to hang out and enjoy themselves in RL?  Bars and clubs, right? 
          So, recently, I asked Turnip Canningham, an old friend of mine, to accompany me while I went dancing.  (Yes, I could have gone by myself but that would have looked a little strange and the pictures wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting.) 
          Turnip and I go back a long way in SL.  We first met at a vampire wedding.  Admittedly, we’re both eclectic in our choice of friends.  We’ve hung out a bit and Turnip’s kept me up to date on her inworld photography business. (BTW, she’s a great photographer and touch up artist if anyone’s look to have pictures taken inworld.) 
          I TP Turnip to join me at #TTOO Bar which is a favorite haunt of mine inworld.  As I explained to her as she arrives, it reminds of that small, run down, old dive that once was familiar along the American coast and is now being replaced by Red Lobster’s and Appleby’s.
          I’m dressed (Yes, I’m wearing clothes.  Not every story is about nudity!)  in a scruffy, casual outfit.  Turnip comes in her version of this, a little, black dress, heels, and beautifully coiffed hair.  (Don’t ask me why she hangs around me.  Sometimes, I think it’s curiosity about what dumb thing I’ll do next.) 
          #TTOO Bar is a small bar which opens out onto decks and parking lots which look out over the water.  As Turnip and I begin to dance, we have the place to ourselves except for what looks like a regular sitting at the bar and the bot bar maid who serves him.  One of the nice things about #TTOO Bar is the variety of dance music in its pose balls.  (How else do you think I could dance better than in RL?)
          When spending time talking with an old friend inworld, dancing is an easy and fun way to pass the time.  Turnip and I catch up on our respective SL careers as we dance the night away.  I do have to admit that I could never do while dancing in RL what SL permits me to do.  (Turnip’s probably glad too.  I didn’t step on her toes once.)  The laws of physics would never allow it to say nothing of how our clothes withstand the strain. 
          We have the place to ourselves as we dance. I prefer this for the solitude and privacy.  I think Turnip prefers it because fewer people see her out with me. As in RL, some quiet time with a good friend is time well spent.  This is something we sometimes take for granted with SL and what RL people who don’t come inworld can’t appreciate. 
          All good things must come to an end, so Turnip and I make our good-by’s and head our separate ways. 
           I’d like to thank Turnip for going out with me and dancing.  Hopefully, she had as enjoyable an evening as I did.
          I’ve included several photos of #TTOO Bar with Turnip and me dancing.  Turnip’s the one in the aforementioned little, black dress.  I encourage you to drop in and tell ‘em web sent you!       
 As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.

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Photo No. 1 Turnip Canningham



Christine Stromberg said...

When you said "little" black dress, you weren't kidding were you? :) Nice photos. I also find dancing a good way to meet people and chat.

Turnip Canningham said...

Thanks Web for having me dance with you and your always a nice company :)