Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Doctor Who in Second Life

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The Doctor

          I have a confession to make.
          I’m a fan of The Doctor.  That’s Doctor Who to you. 
          Yes, I know.  Being an American, I shouldn’t know about him and should have an unconditional bias towards Star Trek.  Well, I do like Trek.  (Preference for ST:TNG, Significant Other prefers ST:TOS and can’t understand any feelings towards The Doctor.) 
          But, those of you who follow me, both of you (Don’t worry I won’t out you just keep the funds coming to my PayPal account and your secret is safe.), know by now that I’m something of an iconoclast.  Long ago on US public television, I discovered The Doctor and have been a fan ever since.  (May also have something to do with that special relationship our British friends are always talking about.) 
          Then I turned around one day and learned that the fiftieth anniversary of The Doctor first appearing was upon us.  Fifty years. Has it been that long?  OK, where I come from that’s a long time.  Where he comes from not so much.  I get it. 
          Just the other day, I saw the fiftieth anniversary show along with some of my closest friends from the seventy-five countries where is was simulcast.  I loved it!  (Don’t worry no spoilers for the couple of folks who missed it, I think more people saw it than saw the last Royal Wedding.) 
          With some time on my hands, I took some time off for Thanksgiving, I thought about this anniversary for a bit.  I began wondering how much of a presence The Doctor had in Second Life (SL).  I’d run across the odd Dalek or two in my wanderings inworld but I’d never really investigated The Doctor.  (Purists don’t worry, I’m not about to go looking for any BDSM connections.  Any secrets The Doctor may have in SL are still safe.) 
          So, one day when Real Life (RL) was quiet, I began my search for The Doctor inworld.
          I started off in New London.  Where else?  (Remember, I do believe in tradition. Auntie Beeb is based there after all and The First Doctor first dropped in here.)  While the overall references to The Doctor were light.  There were fiftieth anniversary banners waving and the TARDIS was shown being transported to Trafalgar Square by UNIT just as in the movie.  (Whoops!  I’ll be more careful.)
          My next stop was Hands of Omega TTC where I found a retail establishment dedicated to all things TARDIS and a few extra.  I think every possible configuration of the TARDIS for all The Doctors can be found here including the Master’s and the Rani’s. Components for interiors and exteriors are available along with models of all the different types.  Be careful, a true Whovian could lose a lot of time here. 
          The third sim I rezzed into was Who’s Who.  This establishment is dedicated to costumes and skins from characters from the series.  A picture of the late and much beloved (and missed) Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane Smith in the series is prominently displayed next to one of her costumes. 
          Weeping Angels are available here as well. (Significant Other always startles whenever they appear onscreen.) 
          TARDIS Quay is my final destination in my search for the world of The Doctor in SL.  TARDIS accessories are available along with sonic screwdrivers, Daleks, K-9, and The Doctor’s snapping finger gesture.  Even Bessie, The Third Doctor’s favorite means of transportation after his TARDIS is available for sale.  (Anyone remember her license plate number?) 
          Wandering around inworld looking for signs of The Doctor brought back many fond memories for me of watching those old reruns and remembering the various regenerations of The Doctor.
          I was pleased to see that much of the Whovian materials available in SL are up to date for the new shows. 
          The Doctor is a character endeared by many in SL.  Even Frau Jo Yardley   permitted his TARDIS and a DALEK to be on the streets of 1920’s Berlin for his fiftieth anniversary.  (And we know what a stickler she is for historical purity!) 
          For all fans of Doctor Who I encourage you to visit the sims I’ve mentioned and the ones I couldn’t to show your support.  RP groups are inworld to let you travel along just briefly as one of The Doctor’s Companions on his adventures. 
           I’ve included a few pictures from my trek (No pun intended.) across the Grid looking for The Doctor’s presence.  But, please go and see these places for yourselves and have a good time! 
          Oh, and because I know someone will ask.  Who is my favorite Doctor?  I know I should shy away from this controversial subject but it’s The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.   Why?  Who knows. 
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.    
I welcome feedback from readers, please either comment on my blog or e-mail me at . 

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Photo No. 2  TARDIS Grabbed by UNIT

Photo No. 3  TARDIS for Sale

Photo No. 5  The Panopticon

Photo No. 8  Who’s Who Main Store

Photo No. 10 Weeping Angels

Photo No. 13 K-9 and Some Extras

Photo No. 14 Sonic Screwdrivers

Photo No. 15 Daleks for Sale

Photo No. 16 Another Old Friend

Photo No. 17 Road Sign

Photo No. 18 TARDIS  

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