Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Fashion Sense in Second Life

Fashion changes, but style endures.

Coco Chanel


          Alright, maybe some (OK, all) of my fashionista friends in Second Life (SL) might challenge me on having any fashion sense at all inworld.
          But, hear me out on this please.  For if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why can’t fashion be?  (Something tells me that I may be banned in parts of SL after this post.)
          For those who haven’t met me inworld, I’m a pretty ordinary avi. 
          My reasons are few.  I like things simple and ordinary.  I try to keep my costs down.  (Significant Other is adamant that any money I spend on fashion better be spent in Real Life (RL).  Something about being seen together in public.)  Finally, SL fashion, to be done right, takes a lot of time to be done right even if only freebies are used. 
          SL is about choices many times.  The most basic and probably most important choice we make inworld is about how much time we spend there.  Once we make that decision the next one is what do we do with that time.
          For me, that time is spent exploring, meeting new people, and having new experiences.  Sitting alone in Nowaki, mulling over fashion considerations, and forever tweaking whatever monstrosities (I recognize my limits.) I’d create with Blender is not for me.  (Who says I don’t have any community spirit?) 
          Many residents I meet inworld are fairly cool with my approach.  Then there are a few who sniff distastefully at the obvious noob and walk away.  Which is fine.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  (Besides, they’re probably boring anyway.)
          Don’t worry this story will not turn into a diatribe against the fashion world in SL.  Far from it.  I have many friends who are designers, models, retailers, and fashion journalists whom I think the world of both them and their work.  (Several have offered to help me, the fact that I am who I am is my fault alone and not theirs.)  Others are impeccably dressed and coiffed with outstanding skins.  The fact that they let me hang around with them speaks more of their character than their obviously superior sense of haute couture. 
          A sense of style inworld requires resources.  Oddly, the more one may try to avoid spending money, the more likely one is to devote considerable time to their efforts.  Especially those who are creating original works and not simply knocking off the work of others. 
          More than personal vanity is involved too in being fashionable inworld.  Roleplaying many times has dress requirements before people can participate.  Historical sims have costume codes that visitors are required, justifiably, before they can enter. 
          Then there are sims where clothing is not required but even they seem to have a hierarchy of who’s got a better skin.  (Or certain AO’s but I won’t go there now.)  Don’t expect me to have a six pack set of abs anytime soon! 
          My basic wardrobe inworld is fairly straightforward.  There’s my everyday tee shirt and jeans casual. Followed by my basic gothic look which serves me well for most historical sims.  (Although, I’ve been known to go native in ancient Egypt.)  I can’t forget to mention my Gorean outfit which is probably my most sophisticated look.  Finally, there’s my basic nude look for going out, well, among nudists. 
          My first attempt at a makeover when I came inworld was fairly basic. (“What you see is what you get!”)  I later started another makeover but became distracted.  (Which Significant Other says is my natural state.)  I will return to this effort and see what further harm I can to myself later this year.  Don’t worry, my trade mark red eyes will stay.  (How else can I be distinguished from all the other nude guys? Don’t say it! We’re still not that kind of blog.) 
          Any suggestions about my next makeover are more than welcome.  Although, I reserve the right to approve all recommendations.  Also, any recommendations that I just disappear will be tossed out onto the proverbial dustbin of history. 
          What got me going on this topic?  Maybe it’s because Halloween has just passed and all the costumes got me thinking.  Or, maybe I’m becoming more self-conscious inworld.  Either way, get ready to see some changes in me.  But, not to worry, I’ll still be the same old lovable noob running around asking lots of questions.  
          I’ve included a few pictures of myself in various outfits so you can be the judge of just how I look or where improvements could be made.       
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.  (Including the undead!) 
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Photo No. 1  web in Casual

Photo No. 2  web in Goth

Photo No. 3  web in Gorean

Photo No. 4  web Almost Nude!  (Still not that kind of blog!)

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to our interview. I do makeovers, design eyes, and do fotos. I would LOVE to do your makeover, just to show you what I do and how I do it. I will cover all costs in exchange for the interview. You can use before and after fotos in your blog. it will be fun! ~ Starla Farella