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Utopian Renewal in Second Life

It is always quietly thrilling to find yourself looking at a world you know well but have never seen from such an angle before.

Bill Bryson

          Here we are, hardly into the New Year when already a major event is happening in Second Life (SL).  My good friends at the Utopia Naked Isle Resort are staging a major reopening of their VIP section after extensive renovations over the Christmas Holidays.
          Utopia is noted for its impressive building programs as evidenced by its Winter Wonderland sim not to mention the elaborate redecorating that occurs weekly as they prepare for their Tuesday Pack the Bar (PTB) revelries.  My good friend, Lisah Lorefield,  is the driving force behind much of this work and Utopia’s latest makeover is probably her most impressive work yet.
          While Utopia Naked Isle Resort is open to all and supported by visitors’ donations, (Hint: Tier fees aren’t cheap so please contribute if you like what you see.) the VIP area is for paying members and offers privacy for those seeking a more intimate setting surrounded by fields and beaches.  The design is of a very high quality.  As with the main area, it is clothing optional.
Recently, I dropped by to meet with Lori, one of Utopia’s owners about the construction effort and the upcoming grand reopening. 
          After exchanging greetings, Lori and I begin talking about the newly renovated VIP area.  I ask why the renovations were necessary.  Lori replies that Utopia’s owners weren’t happy with it because it didn’t offer enough things for its members to do particularly of a non-sexual nature.  (Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a serious review!)
          Lori continues saying that new caves, hang gliding, sky diving, floating rocks, a mer area (underwater zone) will be available when the facility reopens on January 18th.  The intention is to have a place where people will want to come and hang out with their friends so the non-sexual activities were added to diversify the activities. 
          The VIP area will be open to all for the first twenty-four hours on Saturday, January 18th.  At the opening party on the same day, live musician Tukso Okey will play at noon SLT.  There will also be a week long scavenger hunt for that twenty-four period to help visitors familiarize themselves with the new features.  The first person to send in the twenty scavenger hunt items will receive a prize of 2,500L.  The VIP membership will be reduced to 150L during this period.  (Which is a bargain BTW.) 
          Lori drops hints of hidden themed rooms in the caves for visitors to find and even I with my press pass am not given any more clues.  But, she did tell me a few skeletons might be found in cave walls near the hot tubs.  (They seemed like such nice people here compared to where I grew up but these days, who knows?)
          Lori has to leave for her Real Life (RL) responsibilities and I thank her for her time.  Later, when I return for pictures for this story, I learn about the canoeing which is new and stumble onto the new orgy room. (Nice to know, some folks still respect tradition.)   
          While with Lori, I also learned that Utopia will now have more weekly events on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in addition to Tuesday’s PTB function.  Events can be found posted at the Utopia LZ. 
          The renovations did not harm the VIP area’s original inherent charm but have only added new features.  Lisah does an outstanding job of creating the effect of more space while still working within the confines of the original sim.  She accomplishes this by building up and digging down.  (Lisah is also showing a fascination with rope bridges in her recent builds.  I have to ask her what this is all about the next time I run into her.) 
          The grand reopening of the Utopia VIP area will take place on Saturday, January 18th and will be open to all.  Utopia has planned many activities as Lori describes to make this a fun filled time for all.
          I can speak from personal experience that it is very difficult not to enjoy one’s self at a Utopia party.  Staff, members, and guests are always very friendly and inclusive.  After all, they let me hang around.  (Significant Other thinks someone probably just lost a bet.)
          More information about Utopia can be found at their recently established website.
Please come if you can and maybe I’ll see you there! 
One more item!  Utopia’s first anniversary is fast approaching in the spring.  I have it on good authority that there will be much celebrating and merry making for a week at that time.  Watch this blog or Utopia’s notice boards and website for more details! 
          I’ve included links below to pictures of the new VIP site.  These do not do it justice.  Come and see for yourselves!   
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As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.    
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Photo No. 1 VIP Area Entrance

Photo No. 2 Rope Bridge to VIP Area   

Photo No. 3 Ocean View I

Photo No. 4 Hang Glider Location

Photo No. 5 Sunset

Photo No. 6 Orgy Room

Photo No. 7 Gazebo in the Rain

Photo No. 8 Ocean View II

Photo No. 9 Waterfalls

Photo No. 10 Field

Photo No. 11 Flora

Photo No. 12 Picnic Spot

Photo No. 13 Pond

Photo No. 14 Underground Caves  

Photo No. 15 Skyboxes TP’s

Photo No. 16 Overview


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