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Want to Build a Doctor Who TARDIS in Second Life?

Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, somewhere else, the tea’s getting cold.

The Seventh Doctor

          Recently, I blogged about the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who.  (Yes, I admit it, I’m a Whovian.  I’m out of the closet!)  I’ve also written about using social media more with Second Life (SL) which I’ve been doing of late.
          As a result, that story about Doctor Who’s anniversary has become really popular with my readers.  (Or, one reader really likes it.  Either way, I’m very grateful!)
          So, to reward my loyal Whovian readers, and to stick to my word about using social media and adjusting my blogging accordingly, I’m once again blogging about Doctor Who.  Admittedly, my arm didn’t have to be twisted too hard.  (Significant Other knows just how much pressure to apply and for how long.) 
          So, what does one blog next about the good Doctor inworld?
          I think that every Whovian who’s ever lived has wanted to take a ride in the TARDIS.  But, for some, there’s an even more elusive goal, to actually own one. 
          Well, thinking about this for a second, I realized quickly that not only was this possible in SL but one could actually build one’s own TARDIS to order inworld.  (Life is so much more fun when one doesn’t have to feel constrained by the physical limitations of Real Life (RL).) 
          I return to Hands of Omega TTC (Check here for the origin of that name.) where I’d visited for my anniversary story.  I had seen various Doctor Who paraphernalia for sale here and thought I’d give them a try.
          I wasn’t disappointed.
          For anyone considering building their own TARDIS inworld, Hands of Omega is definitely the place to start. 
          Several rooms lead off the arrival area.  Each dedicated to a particular aspect of the TARDIS. 
          What I like particularly is that one can construct a TARDIS for anyone of the Doctors one chooses.  And for those on the Dark Side, the Master’s and the Rani’s are available as well.  The sim’s creators have done their homework because other potential designs for the TARDIS can be purchased. 
          Another room contains various pieces of equipment and special effects which can be used to further customize a TARDIS to a particular Doctor’s tastes. Copies of the Third Doctor’s favorite mode of transportation after his TARDIS (An old automobile named Bessie for those of you who aren’t up on your Whovian trivia!) and the Fourth Doctor’s best wheeled friend, K-9. 
          One of my favorite sections has all those extra rooms we see for while in the TARDIS and then they go away never to be seen again.  Well, Hands of Omega has them all available for someone with enough Lindens (and the prim allowance somewhere) to build the whole thing.  The beauty of SL is that such a TARDIS would look like in does in the show, a small police box opening to many other nooks and crannies. 
          For those who’d like to see the merchandise before they buy, the TARDIS in the arrival area will take them to various recreations from the worlds of Doctor Who. 
          There are additional rooms with merchandise at Hands of Omega but I’ll save them for my next story on acquiring costumes inworld for the Doctors, their companions, Time Lords, and other assorted characters from the series. 
          Below, I’ve included links to a few pictures from Hands of Omega showing the various merchandise displays.  But, please go and see for yourselves because these pictures do not do justice to the worlds just beyond!             
          Now, in case anyone is wondering if I’m going to be building my own TARDIS anytime soon.  My first problem will be funding.  (I’ve promised Significant Other to keep inworld expenses to a minimum.)  My next problem is where to park the thing!  My dream TARDIS would be prim heavy and there would certainly be a “Disturbance in the Force” if I try to move about in SL with it.  But, once these two, small problems are resolved, Who knows…
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As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.    
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Photo No. 5 TARDIS Enhancements

Photo No. 6 TARDIS Add-on Rooms



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Prettyflower Vale said...

Another Whovian, woot! Time Lords and Ladies out there, if you have a great TARDIS you are dying to show off, I am happy to be a tourist and promise to squee appropriately at your pure genius in TARDIS building! :D Just contact Prettyflower Vale in world, woot!