Saturday, November 8, 2014

Festivals in Second Life

 Life is a festival only to the wise.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


          Recently, I realized that there are a lot of festivals in Second Life (SL). 

          Given all the fictional and homegrown festivals that also always seem to be going on inworld there are probably more here than in Real Life (RL)!  (Significant Other indicates that we have enough festivals as it is already.  Boundaries must be respected.)

          Yes, there are the big three, Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.
Interestingly, these are supposedly the same big three in RL at least in the Western traditions.

          These festivals are celebrated across SL in a variety of ways.

          Some sims do themselves over for the holiday.  Some exit merely for the holiday and then, poof, are gone until next year.  If they even come back at all.

          Residents get into the spirit of things as much as folks seem to in RL.  (Although, I think the Christmas decorations on homes are even more over the top inworld than in some American developments which is saying a lot.  I wonder if the SL neighbors complain as much too?)

          But, then there are the other festivals which may be a little smaller or restricted to a specific geographic area but are still fun events to attend.

          Recent examples have St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Cinco de Mayo.  (Coincidentally, these are all Perryn Peterson productions!)

          I’m sure there’re more, I just haven’t found them yet.  (Or, Perryn hasn’t celebrated them yet!)

          Other festivals that I’ve come across have been the Chinese Lunar New Year, Day of the Dead, and V-E Day.  All were fun events.

          Dropping by all these festivals got me thinking about what really comprises a festival in SL.

          Festivals seem to fall into three major categories.

          First are those based on RL holidays like Christmas.  (I’m beginning to realize that
there is a religious aspect to these as well but more on that in future stories.)  Others are derived from RL fiction like A Christmas Carol from Charles Dickens’ story.  Finally, others seem to spring from the life and culture of SL itself. Hunts like the Renaissance Hunt & Faire fall into this category.

          Then there’s the commitment behind these.

          These festivals just don’t happen.  Planning and preparation are involved.  Then there’s the promotion of the event.

          Last but not least, people have to come to the festivals.  (Trust me, having thrown more than one party in RL where I was the only attendee this is no fun at all.  Significant Other really amped up my social life!)       

          And they do!

          Once again, I find myself coming back to the sense of community in SL which keeps everybody together and keeps bringing them back. 

          The festivals are just an excuse, albeit a very good one, for people to come together and have a good time.  The interpersonal relationships are the glue that hold SL together.  It’s certainly not Linden Lab’s customer service!

As we approach the traditional yearend festivities inworld, I’ll be visiting my usual favorites.

          But, I’d also like to break out of my comfort zone and visit new ones.

          So, please if you’re arranging or know of festivals that are taking place in SL, let me know.  I’ll visit them and post about them.  (Significant Other arches an eyebrow.)

          Hope to meet you there!

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.         

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          Open roads and kind fires!

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