Saturday, October 24, 2015

My 300th Story about Second Life

           A small confession.

          This isn’t actually my 300th story about Second Life (SL).

          (Significant Other’s head shakes.)

          I wrote it a few weeks back but with stories on deadline and the fun ‘n frolic of Real Life (RL), I let the moment slide.

          But, on the other hand, I got to write this reflection on SL in a calm and contemplative

          (Significant Other wanders away mumbling something about excuses.)

          Three hundred stories after dropping into SL and never leaving, SL is still there.

          Although the implications of SL 2.0 from Linden Lab have yet to be felt!

          Activity inworld still goes on.

          We lose some residents, ones who have been away for a while return, and many new residents join each month.

          Not all that different from RL, eh?

          Communities like Mieville continue to thrive. 

          Sims are lost.

          Phaze Demesnes, many of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and some great
castles are now lost to us inworld. 

          SL appears to have been losing some of the more elaborate, older sims.  (Tier fees are expensive!)

          But, new ones are built to replace them. 

          I have noticed that the builds are less elaborate but there does seem to be more of a community feel for many of these new sims. 

          That being said, there are still some great builders around like Lora Chadbourne and
I’ve lost track of all the rebuilds in 1920s Berlin with Frau Jo Yardley. 

          There also seems to be more charitable activity going on inworld than before.

          Relay for Life seems to get bigger and better every year.   

          A good friend of mine, Marie, has a drive underway inworld to obtain funds for a service animal in RL. 

          Residents also have more options on the spiritual side as well now. 

          Looking ahead, I’ll still continue to blog!

          (Hey, did I mention that I now have three loyal readers inworld?  A 50% growth!  I’m gonna be a contender!)

          There will be new series in my blog.

          I’ll be doing a dungeon crawl through the various castles of SL and I’ll be looking at
the religious side of things more closely.

          (Yes, I know.  It’s a bit incongruous but I take them as I find them!)

          Old favorites will continue.

          Sex and the single avatar will explore a swingers’ club and I’ll continue wandering through the great castles of SL. 

          I’m determined to start and finish my voyage across the worlds of Mieville.

          (As soon as I get a crew that doesn’t jump ship on me!)

          And, who knows what else I may find as I go along?

          Thanks to all of you who read about my wanderings across the Grid!

          Many thanks to Significant Other for allowing the time and freedom to explore inworld. 

          (Not to mention some of the suggestions to try new things!)

          See you around the Grid! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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          Open roads and kind fires!


May O. Mingzi said...

Always good to read your work, Web! - May

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Somebody mentioned sex here?