Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Close Call in Second Life!

Buy the ticket, take the ride.
Hunter S. Thompson

          While initially sitting down to write this story, something unusual happened.  (In case anyone is alarmed, this all happened in Second Life (SL) but does have Real Life (RL) implications.)

          Something that doesn’t happen too often when I’m writing.  A major swing in the story changed the angle that I had completely!  Not only that, but it was good news to boot!  (Significant Other does agree that it’s rare for me to be the bearer of good news.) 

          Here’s what happened!

          A few days ago, I learned that Naked, the beloved, nudist group of sims, was going to close at the end of June this year.  I’d first come across Naked over three years ago when I first started exploring nudity inworld.  This would have been a major loss to the SL community.  The sims were beautiful and regularly updated.  Some of the most extensive
erotic art galleries inworld were available for viewing and guest artists exhibited regularly.  There were areas dedicated to sailing, bondage, and, of course, plain old vanilla nudity.  

          The sims were a great place to wander about either by yourself or with a friend.  Besides the beautiful vistas there were quiet corners for partners to be alone and intimate.  Residents were friendly and respectful of one another.  I made several good friendships from Naked. 

          So, when Devorax, one of the owners, published an announcement that the nine sims which comprised Naked were closing early this summer, I was both shocked and saddened.  Devorax was spending over £1,000 a month to maintain the sims and he just wasn’t spending enough time inworld anymore to justify the expense.  He did leave open the possibility that someone could take over from him on generous terms.  However, I’d seen this happen too many times before inworld where nothing ever comes of these offers. 

          Except this time!

          Catori, a longtime Naked community member, has stepped forward to take over ownership of Naked later this year!  

          I only learned yesterday of this news and was only able to confirm it this morning.  (I
hope my three loyal readers appreciate how I stayed on top of this story for them!)  I don’t have all the details yet, but it appears that Naked will stay open as is.  

          I haven’t met Catori yet and I’m trying to schedule an interview with her. Catori’s generous offer will mean that the communities that comprise Naked will continue.  

          The implications here are significant.  A successful, long running SL community has been saved and has avoided joining the list of once thriving sims that have shut down for one reason or another.  I won’t say that this a major turning point in what has been an unending litany of closures but it’s certainly a good sign!  We will have continuity for a community inworld and not see its residents either thrown out to wander aimlessly across the Grid or to leave altogether.  

          Naked has always been one of my favorite nudist communities inworld.  (Significant Other’s eyes roll.  Need I say who gave me the idea to go about in the altogether inworld in the first place?) and everyone should celebrate its staying open.  Drop by and visit, especially if you’ve never been there before.  (Don’t be shy!)  If you can contribute
financially when you visit, I’m sure Catori would appreciate the help!  If you can’t, not to worry, then just show up and show your support for a wonderful community in SL!   

          I’d like to thank Devorax for all the years of fun and community that he supported inworld!  He’ll be missed!  I don’t know where his journey will take him but I wish him the very best and I hope his path leads him back to SL from time to time!  

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives!  

Additional pictures from my visits to Naked can be seen on this flickr page.  (No, no nude bodies, we’re still not that type of blog!) 

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