Saturday, May 21, 2016

Are You Enjoying Yourself in Second Life?

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
Eleanor Roosevelt  

          Significant Other asked me a question the other day. 

(For those of you who may not be one of my three loyal followers, Significant Other is my Real Life (RL) partner who exercises what little adult supervision is still left in my life.) 

The question was, “Do you really enjoy yourself in Second Life (SL) for all the time
that you spend there?”  

Which was followed by two more questions, “Why do you enjoy yourself there?” and “How do you enjoy yourself while there?”

(Significant Other has been very happy that I no longer travel away from home in RL as I once did and limit my peregrinations to the Metaverse.  This means that home based tech support is now available on an immediate basis.) 

The questions got me thinking (Significant Other is pleased that I do pay attention.) about not only me enjoying myself inworld but other residents as well. 

What follows are some of my ramblings about enjoying ourselves inworld.  
First, for the record, my answer is an emphatic “Yes” that I do enjoy myself in SL and
always have!  

Next question, why do I enjoy myself in SL?

I enjoy the unknown that exists there.  The challenge of getting into SL in the first place and then struggling to get by and becoming accepted by other residents.  Then there are the communities inworld.  I have many friends (Not to worry, I won’t out anyone.) and even family.  (Why L’il Sis was willing to admit that she not only knew me but was willing to be family still mystifies both Significant Other and myself.  Although Significant Other has a theory that it could be professional curiosity.) 

Third question, how do I enjoy myself inworld?

I explore SL with three purposes in mind.  I look for new places to wander about in, new people to meet, and new experiences to try out.  (Check out my stories if you want the
details!)  Then there is my writing which happens in this blog.  

I look forward to all these activities and they make my SL experience very enjoyable. 

Then what about everyone else in SL, are they enjoying themselves?  

Here, I only have anecdotal evidence and no metrics but given how long I’ve been inworld and how much I’ve blogged about SL, I think it’s valid. (If you disagree then tough.  It’s my blog!)  

In my inworld experience, most people are enjoying themselves.  I’ve met some people who’ve come into SL because they can’t enjoy themselves for whatever reasons in RL!  

Be honest, who does something they don’t enjoy doing unless they have to?

Their how’s and why’s vary just as they do in RL where everyone’s idea of a good time is different.  

So, as far as enjoying ourselves in SL, let the good times roll!  

SL is different from many other online experiences.  It’s not a game.  There are communities of real people here with real feelings just as in RL.  If we can enjoy ourselves in these in RL then why not in SL?

Do you enjoy yourself in SL?

Whether you do or not, why not share your experiences with us in the comments below?  

Look forward to hearing from you!  

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives!  

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