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Are You Going to Renaissance Faire VI in Second Life? (Hint: You should!)

 The phoenix must burn to emerge. 

Janet Fitch 

            Summer is drawing to its close in Real Life (RL), at least here in the Northern Hemisphere! 

            The last, long weekend of the American summer, Labor Day, draws nigh.

            All this means that the annual Renaissance Faire in Second Life (SL) will soon be here! 

So, when Perryn Peterson, the Mayor of Mieville, impresario extraordinaire, and my good friend in SL reached out recently to let me know that Renaissance Faire VI was soon
to be upon us, I was ready!  (Significant Other comments something about this being a rare occurrence.) 

            Since I’m still struggling to catch up after being away  I reached out to my latest Companion to join me and help with the photographs.  (She still wishes to remain anonymous to protect her professional reputation.  Significant Other suggests they form a support group.) 

            As with such Faires in RL, Renaissance Faire VI is a celebration of all things Renaissance.  The rebirth of knowledge and learning after the long night of the Dark Ages. 
In keeping with this theme, the SL Faire begins in a period village and hunters go off to find the marvelous gifts being offered by the participating merchants. 

            Renaissance Faire VI is located in Mieville Shelley, where it relocated to last year. 

            The site is a beautiful bucolic setting of a small village having its annual faire.  Besides the contemporary buildings located around a small pond, the temporary tents and booths of merchants and gypsies are set up on the outskirts of town. 

            Strolling through this scene, one hears the bubbling brooks and listens to period music.  Meriadne Merlin a RL performer has supplied several of the tunes which Perryn has been using for a number of years. 

            Trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers decorate the sim adding a pastoral effect that contributes to the feeling that one has left the modern age and returned to a simpler time.   (Mike Olbracht, Mieville’s landscaper par excellance and Perryn’s partner has once again
shown how talented he is and I marvel at the subtle changes that he has made to the grounds since last year!  His work alone is worth a visit to the Faire.)

            Strolling through the streets and lanes of the Faire, I see the various wares on display by the merchants and am impressed by their variety and quality.  Perryn always strives to have the best inworld mechants at his events. 

            While I’m wandering through the gypsy encampment, peeking into their vardos, (Yes, there’ll be a fortune teller!), my Companion is off busily snapping away with her photographs.  (I really don’t deserve her help.  Significant Other says she’s not the only one whose help I don’t deserve.) 

            BTW Ktahdn Vesuvino will be broadcasting period music from the gypsy encampment during the Faire! So. Make sure you’re listing for his tunes when you visit! 

            The Tinies from Tinyopolis have their own Artisans Lane with high quality craftspeople participating and shouldn’t be missed!

            There’s also a gacha tent with all the latest gachas! 

            The maypole still has pride of place in the center of the village and a small stage is a
t the water’s edge for performances during the Faire and don’t forget to see the Punch & Judy show! 

            As for the Hunt itself, seventy-five of the best shops inworld are participating!  (There's also a mini-hunt at the Faire itself!)

            A complete list of participating merchants can be obtained by joining the Historical Hunts, Ltd. Group inworld.  Additional information can be obtained from the website. 

            As always, the Renaissance Faire is a fun community event offering great opportunities to meet other residents and to learn about life inworld.  It also helps the merchants who are a vital part of SL! 

             I heartily recommend joining the Hunt or at least visiting the Faire!

            The Faire can be found here and runs from September 1st to 30th. 

            Happy hunting! 

            As always, I’d like to thank Perryn and his team for staging these terrific events and putting up with me as I write my stories!   

            I’d also like to thank the Companion for joining me at the last minute (Significant Other says what else is new.) and taking photographs.  (Hers are the better ones here and on this Flickr page where all our photos from this trip can be found.) 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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            Open roads and kind fires!

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