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Thoughts about the New Renaissance Faire and Hunt in Second Life

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.



          As I blogged a short time ago, it’s the season for Renaissance Hunt and Faire in Second Life (SL) which is new and improved this year! 

          (Significant Other leaves the room, having hoped for a new adventure.  Wait until next time!)

          The Mayor of Mieville, Perryn Peterson, with his team has done his usual superb job in laying out the new location and organizing all the merchants and events.

          This year, the Faire is at a new location in Mieville, Mieville Shelley, (accessible at a seafront town) which allowed Perryn to change things around a bit as he prepares for his fifth Faire.

           Unlike prior years, I’ve returned for a second story about this month long event running from September 1st to 30th to talk about the changes with some of the participants.

          What’s different?

          Well, for starters the location. 

          Then the layout has changed to accommodate the new location.

          And, as with any seismic change, new features are added while others are lost. 

          Get the picture?

          Liam Metaluna, a Tiny artisan is happy to be among other Tiny artisans in their own neighborhood.  Liam was responsible for organizing this community into the aptly named Tiny

          Liam loves the little things about the Faire like the frogs that follow you around. Being from the drought ridden western United States in Real Life (RL), he appreciates the harbor with all its water!

          Liam also loves the sounds from the Renaissance period. He creates music boxes with Renaissance-flair music. 

          Check him out when you visit!  (You are visiting right?)

          Mike Olbracht, Mieville’s landscaper par excellance and Perryn’s partner has done his usual superb work with the grounds for the Faire. 

          (Even if it was done under threats of virtual beatings to get the work done on time!  Perryn is a demanding taskmaster.) 

          Mike’s biggest challenge with the new location was that the original sim was devoted
to the Faire only and hence there were no restrictions.

The new location has neighboring sims so it was important that it fitted in with its surroundings properly. 

(It’s never easy inworld is it?)

          Miss Cyneswith Luik who made a new dance in addition to the three prior favorites.  In RL, she is a professional animator from the United Kingdom. 

          Cyneswith does miss the prior location. 

She had the same stall for about three years running always by the food and drink, with the music playing nearby.

However, Cyneswith finds the new location to be equally fantastic.

She loves how everything is laid out and she can still have the patch for the dances and can hear the music playing!

          Miss Moonsugah Monday has a brand new tavern!

          She is a refugee from Gor and this is her fifth Faire. 

          Moonsugah researches RL books on cooking then hunts for pictures to make textures.  She tries to make my foods realistic and sized proportionaIly to the avatar bodies, as well as historically accurate. So, she says, she wouldn’t make a smoothie to go with the medieval or Rennaissance table. Lately, she has been working more with mesh to get the desired effects. 

          Then there are things that remain the same!

          Wyvern Dryke has helped organize almost all of the events and says he only tweaked a few things. 

          His little den, a Faire tradition, can still be found on the Faire grounds if one goes looking for it. 

          My personal favorite the gypsy encampment, is still here with its vardos and hopefully a fortune teller. 

(If somewhat smaller.)

          Our old friend, Mr. Donkey, can be found grazing around the Faire with some new “critters” as friends.

          So, maybe the physical location and attributes of the Faire have changed but the people who make it all possible are still there.

          Their spirit and hard work are evident as one strolls through its streets and lanes!

          Please come by and support all these wonderful folks!

          The Renaissance Hunt and Faire runs from September 1st to 30th and can be located here.    

          The ongoing events during the Faire can be found on this blog. 

          The Faire is still underway so go and enjoy yourself!

          Maybe you’ll run into me!

          I’d like to thank Perryn, Mike, Wyvern, Liam, Cyneswith, and  Moonsugah for taking the time to answer my questionnaire.

          I know everyone is busy inworld! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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          Open roads and kind fires!

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