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The Wit and Wisdom of Felicia Day

Mortify yourself – when you’re at your lowest, you feel ironically self-confident.

Felicia Day


          Felicia Day double majored in violin and mathematics in college.

          Felicia Day had a 4.0 cumulative grade average in college.  (BTW which she started when she was sixteen years old.)

          OK, for my regular readers (Never doubt my gratitude to both of you!) who are wondering why am I talking about someone called Felicia Day instead of my usual account about Second Life (SL)…


          This story is going to be about Real Life (RL) and a woman who arose from a humble homeschooled background to become Queen of the Geeks!

          (Yes, I know!  According to the NY Post, Felicia hates that title, but, Hell somebody has to be our adult supervision!)

          I first encountered Felicia as Charlie Bradbury, the errant hacker, in the television series, Supernatural.  (Significant Other air pumps.  We love watching that show together.) 

          In case you still don’t know who Felicia is (Which makes me wonder why you’re even reading my blog!), she is an amazing woman who arose out of the American South, had all those incredible achievements already mentioned (Which meant she could’ve been either a barista or a world famous person with a real career.), broke into Hollywood, and became a leader in the online culture of the Internet producing her own shows about geek life and ultimately starting up her own production company.  (You mean you’ve never seen The Guild?)

          Yes, along the way, she had her difficulties.

          Felicia struggled with an online gaming addiction with World of Warcraft once playing for fourteen hours straight.  (Significant Other’s nudges me and whispers something about “That’s a problem?”)

          She freely admits that you learn more from screwing up than being perfect.  (Where was she when I was in high school!)

          Felicia describes her relationship with her first boyfriend in terms of his Atari console collection and is forever grateful to him for introducing her to the pleasures of the World Wide Web.  (Who am I to judge?)

          IMHO, without a doubt, Felicia Day is one of the coolest netizens in the Metaverse today!

          (OK, coming from an imaginary avatar who hangs around in a virtual world, this may not sound like much, but, I’m being serious!)

          Why am I now writing about Felicia?

          I’m now writing about Felicia because I’ve just finished reading her recently published
memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). 

          Her account of her life to date is funny, if not outright hilarious, and walks us through her evolution from being a nerd to, well, being one of the Internet’s most well known nerds!

          I dare any true geek not to see themselves at least once in these pages.

          I know I did several times.

          And, while maybe some of Felicia’s antics may be taken, just maybe, tongue in cheek, when she writes about her experiences in the infamous Gamergate episode, you see her true mettle and character come through. 

          This woman is made of tough stuff and I enjoyed reading every word.  (OK, I admit it, I’m biased towards writers especially those who get published.)

          But, don’t be put off by this moment of seriousness.

          Felicia’s memoir is genuinely funny!

          People stared at me in Starbucks when I laughed.  (Not sure, but there may be a YouTube video out there somewhere of a couple of these moments.)

          Felicia can make anything sound funny.

          Including vaginal warts. (Not hers, read the book to find out more.)

          I recommend strongly buying and reading this book or borrowing it and reading it.  (Just don’t obtain an illegal download or Felicia will come after you.  She’s not kidding.)

          You won’t regret it!

          Fortunately, Felicia is still young enough to write a couple more memoirs where she may answer some unresolved questions from the book.

          Will Felicia take her father’s advice and open a 401K account?

          Will Felicia take up her father’s offer and come back home to go to law school?

          All we can do is wait! 

          I’d like to thank Felicia for writing a very frank account of her life and inviting us all in to relive it with her.

          I hope she had as much fun living it as I did reading about it! 

          I don’t know if Felicia has ever visited SL but if she ever does, I’d sure like to interview her for my blog!  (Hint, hint!)

          (Significant Other says forget it, I’m too weird even for Felicia!)

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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