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Castles in Second Life VI – DaVinci Gardens Castle

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci   


          I’m continuing on my ramble across Second Life (SL) as I continue my series about the Great Castles of SL.    

          This time, I return to a sim that I’ve blogged about several times before, DaVinci
Gardens in Kalepa! 

          My destination is the castle there which dominates the area.

          DaVinci Gardens itself is a collection of fantasy worlds which offers to visitors from Real Life (RL) opportunities to suspend disbelief and to jump into all that a virtual world can be.  

          The sim is beautifully laid out with lush gardens, elaborate builds, the fantastic flying machines of Master Leonardo da Vinci himself, and not to mention the flying dragons available for rides! 

          Oh, I forgot to mention the volcano and space ship!

          (Significant Other wants to know why I can only find places like this inworld and never in RL when we go on vacation.)

          In my previous visits to DaVinci, I’d seen the large castle looming over the sim and flown by but never went in. 

          That’s about to change!

          I rezz into the landing zone at DaVinci. 

          In the distance, the castle stands prominently against the horizon.

          The castle sits on promontory surrounded on all sides by water.  It’s only approachable by water or from the air. 

          (What’s with this with castles inworld?  Doesn’t anyone simply build their castle on flatlands surrounded by a classic moat filled with alligators?  OK. Maybe the alligators aren’t classic but you get the idea!)

          The castle building is large, easily the largest single structure in DaVinci. 

          Tall towers and turrets surround the main keep.    

          There are two primary levels each with its own courtyard.  The upper one even has its own fire breathing dragon all saddled up and ready to go for anyone needing a lift.  While in the lower one, a lion’s head fountain spurts water. 

          The castle is built from weathered gray stone with red tiles for its rooves. 

          Approaching the castle, the main entrance surmounted by a large, colorful clock can
be seen. Stone carvings reminiscent of Gothic cathedrals from the Middle Ages border the door frame.  (How do I know?  I saw enough when I was in Europe!)

          Entering through the main entrance, beautiful stained glass windows welcome me. 

          Climbing the stairwells in the towers brings me to upper floors where I come across a
variety of rooms ranging from what appears to be an unfurnished throne room to many small but nicely finished rooms.

          I come across a library with a secret passage which leads to a treasure room guarded by a sleeping dragon.  (What’s with all the dragons?)

          Attention is given to detail.

          In some of the outer turrets, old brick shows through crumbling masonry. 

          A hallway’s walls are covered with the coats-of-arms of the nobles who once walked them.

Panoramic views of both sea and land can be seen from the battlements. 

          All around me is the sense of abandonment.

          There are neither furnishings nor artwork save for the stained glass windows and coats-of-arms.

          Sorry, one more item, a picture of the castle in both summer and winter hangs on a wall and can be purchased by anyone wanting it.

          Though empty, the castle is well maintained but I guess this is one advantage of virtual worlds! 

          The castle in DaVinci Gardens is well worth a visit and wandering its empty corridors is fun.

          A visitor can’t help but wonder what was the purpose of all this.

          Who was here and what was their story? 

          Unfortunately, there is no dungeon.

          Or, if there is, I couldn’t find it.

          BTW, I’m planning a new blog series which will be a dungeon crawl through the dungeons of SL.

          I’ll be visiting the deepest, darkest, baddest ones that I can find!

          (For all the teachers, librarians, and mothers who are my friends inworld, yes, I know “baddest” isn’t a real world, I just liked the sound of it!)           

          I strongly recommend a visit to the castle in DaVinci Gardens and take a look at the rest of the sim while you’re there! 

          You’ll be glad you did!

          Additional pictures from my visit can be found here.     

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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          Open roads and kind fires!

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