Saturday, May 27, 2017

How Do You Emote Subtly in Second Life?

Is it really possible to tell someone else what one feels? 

Leo Tolstoy

Recently, I had a misunderstanding with a good friend in Second Life (SL). 

(Significant Other asks why should SL be any different than Real Life (RL).  I won’t digress here.)

We were having a conversation and I was joking.  A little later, I noticed my friend seemed a little withdrawn and terse.  (Significant Other is amazed that I noticed.  I may quit blogging when Significant Other is around.)  I asked what was the matter not thinking I was in anyway involved. (Significant Other says, “Typical!”)

To my surprise, my friend said they were offended.  What I had taken as kidding they had taken seriously, very seriously!  (I’m deliberately masking my friend’s identity and not
because they’re embarrassed to be associated with me!)

My friend and I discussed the matter and I apologized.  (Significant Other does give me points for this,)

But, this got me thinking about how limited our ability to subtly express our emotions and feelings inworld is.  (I’m not copping out here and blaming SL.)

How can we do this especially when we move from bland, everyday greetings into closer personal relationships in SL? 

Let’s discuss this for a bit!

The problem starts with how we communicate our feelings in RL.

We have a rich variety of methods available to us. 

Besides our words, there’s our voice, facial expressions, eyes, and body language.  Not to mention all the possible combinations thereof. 

(Sex has many other expressions of feelings and emotions in RL too.  But, since I’m still not that kind of blog, I won’t go there!)

Now, in SL, on the other hand, our options are somewhat more limited.

We have text and, for some, voice.

That’s it!

And, yes, we can use primitive late Twentieth Century emoticons too if we want.  (e.g., :) ;) Get the picture?)

There are animations inworld but these pretty much have minds of their own. 

We’re trained from an early age in RL how to express our emotions and feelings.  Most of us figure it out reasonably well.  Some even make a living make a living out of it as actors and actresses. 

However, inworld, the RL options are closed to us and we’re pretty much left to our own devices.

So, what happens?

Confusion, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings can result when we try to express ourselves beyond simple greetings and conversations.  Even voice can only take us so far.  Just ask anyone who’s ever played the party game telephone.

What about you?

Has the inability to satisfactorily emote feelings inworld ever caused you difficulties? 

How do you subtly express your emotions or feelings inworld?  Do you even try?

Please drop me a line and let me know!

If I get enough replies then I’ll do a follow-up story!

But, for now, just keep emoting!  

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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