Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back Among the Nudists!

What's wrong with being naked? I wanna feel the breeze.


After my visit to The 1920’s Berlin Project in Second Life (SL) several weeks ago for their first nude function in the Bath House I read in their blog that this was now a regular event inworld on second Saturday of every month at noon SLT.  What can I say?  I decided to go back.

Now, many may ask why.  Or, jump to a very erroneous conclusion about my reasons for going. (Shame on you!)

I decided to return for this nude pool event for several reasons.  First, the 1920’s Berlin community is one of the best organized and tightest communities that I’ve met in SL since I’ve begun my travels inworld.  (Go ahead, read my other stories, I’ve seen many of them.)  Next, the environment is safe.  Residents are enjoying a pool party and just so happen to be nude.  Then, I’m with friends.  I’ve met many members of the community as I’ve traveled about.  They’ve helped me get around and write my stories.  We’ve had good times together.  (Well, at least I thought they were good.)  Finally, there’s the technical and artistic quality of the sims which have to be seen to be truly appreciated. 

My feelings about this are as before.  This is a group of residents, many of whom are friends with each other, coming together for a historical simulation of an event that occurred many times during the Weimar period in the last century. This is not a sexual event.  (I hope I’m not offending anyone with that last remark.)  As I remarked in my last blog, it’s a lot easier being around nude people in SL (especially for a man). 

So, with all these reasons behind me, I head off for my second nude function in SL. 

Of course, this could not take place without my having some misadventures along the way.  Like when I decide to arrive early to avoid experiencing the notorious lag in the sim.  I purchase a period swimsuit so I could change and wander around the premises which have been renovated since my last visit.  I go into a changing room, close the door, and now experience what is known in the early Twenty-first Century as a “wardrobe malfunction”.

I cannot figure out how to open the package and put on my swimsuit.  (I still can’t of anyone from the sim is hopefully reading this blog.)  Here’s my predicament.  Do I leave, try to fix the problem, and then try and return through all the lag, or, do I stay naked in the changing room until the hour for permissible nudity arrives.  The bruisers who are the lifeguards and who enforce the “no nudity except when permitted” policy help me to decide to wait inside my little cubicle until the clock strikes noon.  (Even in SL, I value discretion over valor.) This is one difference from last month’s function, two, uniformed life guards are on duty,   

Another big difference from last time is the changes to the Bath House.  The facility seems bigger and better laid out.  There are now private baths upstairs and a new sauna downstairs.  Changing rooms and showers are conveniently located outside the pool area. 

But, I digress.  Once the bademeister blows the all clear, I head over to the pool area.  I sit by the poolside and dangle my feet in the water and watch what happens.  (Yes, once again, my SL parallels my Real Life (RL), I’m not terribly athletically inclined.) 

Unlike last time when a crowd of people were waiting as the event started, many aren’t there this time.  In fact, I’m the first one in.  Over the course of the hour the crowd slowly builds to about a dozen besides the two guards.  Towards the end, one of the latter remarks that this is one of the largest crowds yet in the Bath House. 

Unfortunately, none of my close friends are in today’s swimmers.  Those who do come, swim, race, and catch up on the local gossip.  The banter is good natured and friendly.  I chat with a few people around me. 

The only down side to the day’s activities is the lag.  I crashed once and had to reenter. Several times, all motion froze.  And, for much of the time, some of the swimmers didn’t rez completely.  One woman’s head is above water but underneath, she is visible only from the waist down.  Others appear to be wearing white body stockings. (Or, maybe they’re just shy?)

But, this didn’t stop everyone from having a good time.  As the guards gave the warnings that the hour was ending, people were reluctantly leaving to go shower and dress.  I leave for home at this time.

Arriving home, I have time to think about my afternoon.  A quiet hour spent with a group of residents, chatting and playing around a pool.  Sounds terribly suburban doesn’t it?  Of course, no one had their clothes on.  But, then again maybe in some suburbs…

As an aside, when I’ve done recent Google searches for nudity in SL.  I don’t see much.  A few years ago there was a lot of activity and there’s SL wiki’s and forums, but, other than my recent blogs, not a lot.  I’m not sure why this is.  After my last blog, a resident commented that there are nude resorts in SL and recommended Wild Coast as being a proper nudist facility.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll take my exploration of nudity in SL to some new locations. 

I’d like to thank the residents of 1920’s Berlin in SL for their continued hospitality and friendship as I wander about in their world.  I truly enjoy my time with them.  And as always, my hat is off to Frau Jo Yardley for the superhuman job she does in organizing and running this sim.    

As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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Photo No. 1: Restored Bath House

Photo No. 2: Restored Bath House Interior

Photo No. 3: Restored Bath House Pool


Glorf Bulmer said...

I got as far as reading the rules for Wild Coast, before deciding not to part with the (fairly steep, it seemed to me!) group membership fee.

The rules are clear, explicit, unambiguous, and extremely restrictive! - Essentially, the area has a strict and rigorously enforced dress code; it's just that the required dress happens to be "nude". I thought it over, and decided it wasn't really my idea of fun. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.

webspelunker said...

Thanks for the feedback!. Yes, with my budget, not crazy about the fee. Learned about Cleo Nude Beach similar concept but no fee. Maybe I'll do a comparative blog about both.