Friday, April 13, 2012

Up, Up, & Away!

I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

My new Second Life (SL) friend, Jessii Warrhol, an inworld entertainment manager, recently reached out to me about three new events that she’s currently promoting inworld.  I had met her when I blogged about the March Military Expo last month.

The events are focused on aviation, WW 2, and vintage fashion.

The first event is the Airport Expo.  The purpose of this event is to bring attention to inworld airports and will give airport operators a chance to come together inworld and show their wares to a larger audience.  There will be music, events, live DJ’s, and contests.  The Expo will be held at the WW2 Memorial Park from April 22nd  to 27th.  There is a blog that will contain all relevant information. 

Why fly a plane in SL when everyone can fly without one?  I suspect the technical challenge along with the thrill of moving another object in simulated heavier than air flight is part of it.  (Bet you didn’t think I knew words like that did you now?)

Next up is the First Annual Virtual WW 2 Conference sponsored by the SL Flying Tigers.  This event is intended to promote awareness of WW 2 and educate people about it.  The program is ambitious as Real Life (RL) presenters will be reaching out to their audience via avatars.  Given how WW 2 is beginning to recede into memory, events like this are important for the recent generations to remember the sacrifices of those who went before us and what can happen when we stop paying attention to what’s happening around us. 

The Conference will take place on May 19th and 20th at the WW 2 Tribute Sim and the WW 2 Pacific Sim.

Finally, there is the Vintage Fashion Weekend from June 1st to 3rd.  The intent here is to bring together military and vintage clothing and accessory makers in the WW2 themed Flying Tigers' sims and to show off vintage creations in SL. More information can be found at their blog.

These events are additional good examples of how SL can be used to promote activities around certain themes and use social media.

Jessii and her colleagues have been busy preparing for these shows.  Even if you’re not a flying or WW 2 enthusiast, I recommend going.  The quality of the workmanship in these productions is always superb and the events are fun. 

For additional information, please contact Jessii inworld and she will be happy to assist you. 

I’d like to thank Jessii Warrhol for meeting with me.  Jessii’s been the one behind these new ideas and promotions.  I look forward to seeing more of her work. 

As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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Photo No. 1: Airport Expo Poster

Photo No. 2:
WWII Memorial

Photo No. 3: Vintage Fashion Weekend Poster

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