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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life II: A Visit to Paradise Sex Beach

Paradise Sex Beach, where the sand is HOT and the SEX is HOTTER!

Tiff Aristocrat

After my first story in this series, Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life, a reader, Tiff Aristocrat, (Yes, someone other than me actually reads my blog!) reached out to me.  She wanted to know why I’d talked about sex resorts in Second Life (SL) but had neglected to mention her sim, Paradise Sex Beach which is one of the more popular sites inworld. 

My reason cum excuse was that the references in that story had been received by word of mouth and like most things associated with this blog had been done in a totally unscientific manner.  So taking advantage of the situation, I asked Tiff for an interview concerning Paradise Sex Beach to which she readily agreed.  We scheduled a meeting for an in depth look at Tiff’s sim.

For those of you who may be joining late, I’m a writer and explorer in SL.  I write about my travels across the grid and the people I meet and the experiences I have. (Usually with me in some embarrassing or ridiculous situation.)  My Real Life (RL) Significant Other greatly appreciates the anonymity of SL, less explaining to family and friends.)  This story is the second in my series, Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life, where I explore human sexuality in SL which I’m finding is something of a growth industry inworld.  I’m also finding that there’s a lot going on with the emotional side as well.  I’ll blog more about that in the future.

I strive for standards, nothing tawdry or lascivious.  There’s always Literotica for that.  I always quote my friend, Glorf Bulmer, as she would say, this won’t become that kind of blog.  Me?  I want to be informative and humorous and I always keep Bette Davis’ words in mind when writing in this series, “Sex is God’s joke on human beings.”

           Now back to Tiff.  I teleport to Paradise Sex Beach (PSB) to meet for our interview.  Now, in preparing to meet her, I had to resolve one issue.  PSB’s dress code is either nude or swim suit.  How does one go?  Nudity and I are no longer strangers inworld but the places I go are usually nude only.

          So, what do I do?  I go nude.  I was already nude and I’m supposed to be having new experiences right?  I’m relieved to see that Tiff rezzes in nude as well.  (Please no comments about my being sexist.)  I comment on our joint state of undress.  Tiff says she’s too lazy to dress despite having a ton of beautiful clothes.  She claims au natural is always the best way.  (Which given the line of work she’s in is a very appropriate philosophy.)  We get down to the interview. 

          I ask Tiff what caused her to establish PSB.  She replies that there used to be a favorite sex beach of hers that she had visited all the time.  It was a really nice beach with really nice people.  Unfortunately, it closed and she missed it “soooooo” very much.  The owner kept saying that she would reopen it but after three months nothing had happened. 

          Tiff then decided to open a sex beach of her own.  After all, she knew how to run a business in SL and could do this.  So, she rented the sim, landscaped it, and had it open in two days. 

          Tiff describes PSB as one of the nicer beaches in SL with almost zero lag.  Several people just come for the beaches and aren’t interested in the sex.  (I sense another story with these people.)  They also come for the other people visiting the beach. (Who just happen to be nude and act like adults.) 

          I ask why nudity is optional at PSB unlike most other sex beaches and resorts.  Tiff explains that she wants people to feel comfortable.  If they’re comfy wearing clothes then great, if they’re comfy being in the buff then great too. 

          My next question is about how much of PSB is about her and her own lifestyle.  She laughingly replies that she doesn’t get to spend much time on the beach herself so she lets her partner play.  Her only goal for PSB is for people to come and enjoy themselves and feel safe while they’re there. 

          I want to know what happens at PSB.  Do people just come to the beach for some sun and maybe a little fun with someone else?  Tiff responds that sometimes people come and gather in the bar area, or the swim area (PSB has a big area for swimming), or some come to have great sex.  Tiff adds that she’s a DJ too and will throw down the stream every once in a while. 

          Tiff then takes a breath and then continues saying that’s not the reason why they come, many come just to relax because they feel safe and are not bothered.

          Tiff explains PSB’s popularity.  First, they are very friendly.  People actually talk to one another.  In my own experience, people respond when I greet them (No sarcasm please.) and many others just say hi as I pass by.  Second, PSB has “very, very” little lag.  Which, I can also attest to. 

          This subject of lag is important because I know of some other very nice sims, which will remain nameless for now, where lag is a killer and an enjoyable experience can’t be had.  Tiff says that she does everything in her power to keep the lag monster at bay which isn’t easy.  She doesn’t have vendors and commercialization and doesn’t even have advertisements for her own products. 

          I find Tiff’s approach also contributes to the very peaceful island paradise look and feel of PSB.  Palm trees and other tropical like plants cover the sand dunes which form the basis of PSB.  Waves crash on the beaches.  Except for a few instructional signs around the landing zone, PSB is commercial free.  What one sees that is not natural are furnishings and devices located for the pleasure and enjoyment of visitors.  (You’ll have to come over and visit for yourself to see how it all works.) 

          I’m curious about Tiff’s earlier comments about PSB being one of the most popular sex beaches in SL.  She explains that in SL searches for sex beaches PSB typically comes in among the top three.  Tiff is especially proud that PSB while only being a homestead sim beats out most full sims.  This is quite an achievement and Tiff can be justly proud of it. 

          Tiff goes to tell me that PSB typically earns enough in a month to make their fees and a little over.  Not a lot she adds but it’s still over.  This is another achievement.  I haven’t met any sims in SL until now where this is the case.  This past summer was hard but PSB is back on track. 

          I next ask about the sense of community among Tiff’s guests.  Do they view themselves as belonging to a community or are they just individuals who enjoy the beach?  Tiff replies that it depends on whom you talk to.  I ask if visitors feel they are nudists at a naturist resort.  Some do, she says, and some get mad when others wear clothes but are told that people are allowed to do what makes them feel comfortable here.  Apparently, there has even been a PSB wedding for two guests who met there. 

          When I inquire her plans for the future, Tiff says she wants to keep up to date with beds and animations (I hope I don’t have to explain this to anyone.) She tries to meet her guests’ requests.  There is a bucking bull, floaties at the swim beach, a dolphin, and an air hockey table.  Not exactly what one would normally expect to find at a sex beach but Tiff seems to be all about customer satisfaction. 

          That being said, Tiff and PSB do have rules.  Escorts are not permitted to solicit.  She is also very strict about banning children and childlike avatars.  Other than that, the rules are “very short and sweet” as she puts it and are really common sense. 

          Since we’re talking about customer service, I ask Tiff about PSB’s VIP Club.  She explains that the Club is for those who wish to enjoy PSB without the eyes of the beach on them.  (In case, anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, walking around PSB can come across couples, or various-somes, engaged in flagrante delicto.  I guess those looking may be considered voyeurs?)

          Membership involves a onetime fee of 501L.  Belonging entitles members access to three private themed rooms.  Members can also bring non-members with them which is unusual for such places inworld.  The themes are a hot tub room, a BDSM room, and a porn room.  Tiff takes me to see the hot tub room (BTW, the only hot tub in PSB) and to the BDSM room.  (With all the blogging on this subject I just had to look!)  The rooms are well appointed and show off Tiff’s love of textures.  Both rooms have beds.  The BDSM room contains a wall rack and a pole.  Tiff points out the intan in both rooms which contains over 170 animations that permit couples using its pose balls to go from dancing to sex wherever they may be on PSB. 

           We don’t visit the porn room as time is starting to run out.  Tiff tells me it only contains a TV with access to over 5,000 porn movies and a few rugs.  (Just the basics.)

          Tiff has one last place to show me, PSB’s secret spot.  It’s really not such a secret.  Visitors can teleport to it form the landing zone.  Tiff says it’s more out of the way than a secret and all visitors can access it.  We teleport there and I find myself under the sea.  Tiff shows me a carpet on the seabed called tenderlove.  She says it’s one of the most realistic animations in SL with transitions and everything else that a couple might need for a private and intimate moment away from prying eyes.  I won’t say anymore but recommend a visit. 

          I learn that Tiff has done all the building herself. She also makes tattoos and jewelry.  Her work can be found in Marketplace.  Her portfolio is extensive and of very high quality.  I recommend all to visit PSB and see it for themselves.  (Since swim suits can be worn, no one should have any objections to visiting.  Just avert your eyes if you see things going on that you think should be better left in the bedroom.)

          I thank Tiff for her time and hospitality and take my leave.  I enjoyed my visit and I learned much. 

PSB offers several advantages.  First, membership is not required.  Second, nudity is optional (for the bashful).  Finally, lag is nonexistent.  (I’ll stick my neck out on this one.)  The only difficulty is that PSB is popular and sometimes is full.  Just be patient and retry.  (VIP Club membership can get members into the private rooms if they’re not in use.)  It’s worth the wait.  Whether for the scripts and builds, the people, or the social activities, PSB is well worth the time and effort to go and explore.  You won’t regret it! 

          In future stories in this series, I’ll continue to write about these different aspects of human sexuality in SL.  And, yes, I do mean human because as many continually remind inworld there’s a real person with real feelings behind that avatar we’re interacting with. 

          I welcome anyone who would like to share their experiences or opinions of SL sexuality with me.  I’d like to include these in my future stories in this series.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.

Below are a few pictures of the places in PSB that I visited for this story.  And, no, there is neither nudity nor activity of a sexual nature contained therein.  If you want to see that then you’ll have to go there yourself! 

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Photo No. 1 Tiff Aristocrat

Photo No. 2 Landing Zone

Photo No. 3 Beach with Dolphin

Photo No. 4 Bar  

Photo No. 5 Funds Appeal

Photo No. 6 An Intan

Photo No. 7 Hot Tub Room

Photo No. 8 BDSM Room

Photo No. 9 Bucking Bull

Photo No. 10 Tiffy’s Island


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