Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life VIII – Nude Among the Submissives

 There's the theory that nudity doesn't really make something sexy; the characters and their relationship make it sexy.

Tim Robbins  

               During my wanderings across Second Life (SL), I’ve been nude and I’ve visited BDSM sims.  But, I’ve never done both at the same time.  So, as I’ve been asking myself a lot lately inworld about a lot of things, why not? 
               I decide to head out and visit a few BDSM clubs in the altogether.  I hoped to take a friend along as several had indicated a willingness to accompany me on a jaunt like this but no one is available when I plan to go.  As in most things in my life, both SL and Real Life (RL), I’m on my own.  (Significant Other believes that when I’m off on my misadventures I should be on my own.  However, I’m always welcomed back.) 
          After a quick scan on SL’s search tool, I identify a few BDSM clubs to visit, check to make sure I’m naked (Yes, SL’s etiquette is different, isn’t it?), and off I go. 
          I begin with The Rose Unleashed BDSM Club.  I arrive at a club entrance in front of a marina.  The club is fairly typical if not outright vanilla.  A dance floor, a bar, a discussion area, and a game room (I see my first billiards table in SL here.) upstairs that opens onto the dance floor below form the club.
          When I arrive a few people in various states of dress are dancing out on the dance floor.  I wander about.  A few patrons greet me but seem nonplussed by my state of undress and uninterested in me.  (That’s not a criticism.  Anything less than outright aggression is fine with me.) 
          Walking back to the entrance I see a destination guide and select the “Play House” which TP’s me to another building filled with BDSM furniture and equipment.  No one is around which is a shame because the facilities are fairly complete for a variety of practices.  Since things are quiet, I move onto my next destination.
          My port of call is The Gateway to BDSM where I rezz into an open area in front of several destination boards.  Buildings in a classical Greek motif surround me.  A group of clothed people are sitting around talking and take no notice of me.  (I’m unsure if they were either just politely ignoring me or just too busy talking among themselves.)
          I return to the destination boards and select the “Theme Area” and am TP’d to a large room filled with a few pieces of BDSM equipment. A large image of a crucified woman dominates the space.  But, as at my last destination, no one is about.  I’m noticing a pattern here.  (Although, in fairness, my biological clock may be running contrary to everyone else’s.)  So, once again I move on.
          My third and final stop is Naughtyland BDSM Castle.  I land in a fully enclosed room with no doors or windows.  (I don’t know about anyone else but I hate these places inworld.  What if there’s a fire?  How do you get out?  They’re worse than casinos in Las Vegas.)  The space is crammed with BDSM equipment, furniture, and gaming equipment. 
          A walkway reached by stairs surrounds the open area.  One side has a large fireplace with comfortable armchairs which I avail myself of.  (What?  Walking around like I do would tire anyone out.)  On the other side, several rooms, one made out for private encounters of an intimate nature, open off the walkway.
          Still no one around.  Although I do spot someone nearby on the map whom I IM after reading her profile.  (Always read the profiles, they’re there for a reason.)  She practices Wicca in both SL and RL.  I’ve been trying to meet members of this community inworld for a story and will shortly come back with one about Wicca in SL. 
          From here I return to my home in Nowaki. 
          What have I learned from my nude foray into BDSM in SL?
          First, there are BDSM clubs out there that accept nudity.  What I also learned is that there may not be too many patrons there when you drop in.  Going alone may not be a good strategy. (Unless of course, you’re a wandering blogger who doesn’t know any better.)  Bring along a friend or friends (Wow, imagine that, actually having multiple friends!)  because the facilities are well equipped and can be enjoyed. Of course, varying the times of your visits may produce larger crowds than I encountered.  (And, no, unlike what Siginificant Other suggested, I don’t think all of SL is trying to avoid me!) 
          Next, while most of the clubs have similar facilities and equipment, their styles and layouts vary.  (What’s with all those large black and white posters of women in bondage? Doesn’t anyone ever tie up guys?  Sheesh!)  You should be able to find something you like.  I suspect that the atmosphere and clienteles vary as well.  I only selected three for this story.  There are many more.  Go out, explore! 
          Another observation as I traveled about.  All the clubs have tip jars and notices asking for donations to cover costs.  If you frequent these places regularly please make a donation to help maintain them and remember to tell your friends, or strangers for that matter, if you enjoyed yourself.   
          Below please find links to some pictures that I took along the way.  Since as Glorf Bulmer  would say we’re not that sort of blog, everyone has their clothes on.  But you can see the clubs.  Go inworld if you want to see anything else! 
 As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 
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Photo No. 15  Naughtyland BDSM Castle III - Fireplace                  


Anonymous said...

Next time you go...tell me. I'll go eith you. Hitomi

Glorf Bulmer said...

The impression I get - which may or may not be accurate - is that male subs are considerably under-represented in SL. Not unknown; I believe we both know someone in a Gorean style relationship with a male avatar - but definitely under-represented.

One possibility, of course, is that RL males are exploring the submissive lifestyle as SL females... which leads us into the whole business of SL versus RL gender, transgender RPing, and sundry other issues. These are deep waters, Watson. (And, of course, my impressions and my suppositions may have no bearing on reality at all!)

webspelunker said...


I'l definitely let you know the next time I go!

Thanks for reading!



webspelunker said...


Welcome back!

And, yes, your question of identity in SL is a very deep one that I look at every once in a while.