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Interview with an Art Curator in Second Life

She takes just like a woman, yes she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl.

Bob Dylan

               Recently, I’ve blogged about visits I’ve made to art exhibits in Second Life (SL).  These were the A Homage to Leonard Cohen and Aspects of Solitude.  All these were arranged by Morgana Nagorski, an art curator inworld. 
          Morgana has sent me an invitation for her next exhibition, Love & Other Bruises, being held at the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex.  She described it as “about love... lies... deceit... selfishness... indifference... jealousy... betrayal... infidelity....  Love gone bad, if you will.   Heartbreak!  I was intrigued. 
          I was also intrigued by Morgana and what she does inworld.  Who was this woman who spent all this time, meeting artists, arranging the exhibit space, and promoting the events?  To say nothing of the terrific opening night parties she throws. 
          Morgana was amenable to an interview so we scheduled a time.
          We meet (To my friends, don’t worry.  I was dressed and behaved myself.) at the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex which has been set up for the Love & Other Bruises exhibit.  Morgana’s usual attention to detail and organizational skills are in evidence as we stroll through the gallery talking about her life and work inworld. 
          Morgana is the owner and curator of the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex in SL in addition to being an artist in her own right.  In September 2011, after two stints at galleries that folded and closed along with their sims, she was asked to have an exhibition at was then the Palais Orleans Art Studio and Design.  Shortly, before its opening, the gallery’s owner asked if Morgana would like to be its curator.  As the owner was withdrawing from SL at the time (always sad to hear). Morgana was allowed free rein as its curator.  After two successful shows, the owner “gave” the gallery to her.  Morgana guesses that she really only received the name because nothing else was transferable. 
          She couldn’t take on more tier at the time so she moved the gallery to a place in the sky over her home and became a gallery owner and not just a curator in February 2012. 
          However, this became too limiting for her.  Morgana was spending all her time showing the work of other people and had not time, or time, to show her own work.  This was crazy to her.  So, in October 2012, she took the plunge and commissioned Zandy Oh to a “gallery complex” which comprises three galleries and Morgana’s studio. Now, she can show the work of other people as well as her own. 
          My next question is why does Morgana do this?  She explains that she needs a challenge.  Morgana doesn’t know how the “shop and shag brigade” can stay in SL for years doing only that.  She has to be interested to continue.  In order for her shows to go well, she had to take control of them herself.  This is what Morgana has done.  Also, profit is not a motive in her work.  (She’s very insistent about that as she spends more than she gets back.)  Her passion for her work is her motivation. 
          The how of Morgana’s art shows happen is an interesting one.  Each show has a theme such as the singer Leonard Cohen or solitude.  She goes with things that interest or inspire her.  (The word “interest” comes up a lot in conversations with Morgana.)  Ideas can come from a line in a song, something that happens in Real Life (RL), an accident in a TV show, or a dream.  Morgana says that her problem is not finding ideas  for exhibits but deciding which of the gazillion ideas that she has to run with. 
          Morgana meets artists for her exhibits by visiting other galleries and going through Flickr. 
          As we walk around the gallery, Morgana points out two of her pictures which are part of the show.  These are Support and No Man’s Land.  They are based on her own experiences with relationships inworld.  The former speaks to her supporting a partner while sacrificing her own needs and desires.  The latter uses a bed and barbed wire as a metaphor for the barriers that can develop in a relationship. 
          Morgana is already thinking about and preparing for next show entitled “Duet” and will take place in June.  I’ll write about this one later as more information becomes available.  Also, don’t forget to drop by and visit Love & Other Bruises at the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex.  It’ll run until July 21, 2013.  Maybe I’ll see you there! 
          We finish our talk and I take my leave of Morgana.  I come away impressed both with her and her work.  Morgana is yet another example of the creativity and community evident is SL.  Morgana’s latest show, Love & Other Bruises, has twenty artists exhibiting.  Her opening parties draw large crowds by SL standards.   The art works on display are of high quality and thought provoking.  (Yes, I know that I’m not an art critic but I know what I like when I see it.) 
          Below please find links to several pictures that Morgana shared with me as part of this story.    Her art work may be seen in Flickr.
          I’d like to thank Morgana for taking the time to meet with me and answer my questions while preparing for her next show.    
 As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 
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Photo No. 1   Morgana Nagorski

Photo No. 3   Aspects of Solitude Poster

Photo No. 7   Jilted by Harbor Galaxy

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