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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life X – What’s Sex in Second Life?

 Humans are the only animal who can have sex over the phone.

David Letterman              

                After several years of wandering about in Second Life (SL), I’ve learned a lot about sex inworld.  (Significant Other always wonders about that.)  Which led me to the question that is this story’s title, “What’s Sex in Second Life?”  (I have lots of questions.  It’s answers I have a problem with.) 
          The question sounds simple, maybe even obvious, but, is it really? 
          Is sex in SL any different from sexting or cybersex?  Does the visual component make it different?  Is it perhaps just a form of interactive pornography?  What makes it different from Literotica? 
          A whole industry seems to be dedicated to SL sex.  Besides sex resorts,  different practices like BDSM, and shops dedicated to selling all sorts of sexual merchandise. (In an earlier story, I blogged about the availability of condoms and contraceptives inworld.  Who knew?)   Then there are escorts, pole dancers, strippers, professional subs and doms, and who knows whom else in the inworld sex trade.  For those who wish for a more personal, intimate sexual experience there are animation overrides (AO’s) which add a variety of practices.  (For those who need a more explicit account, check out Alex Comfort’s The Joy of Sex.)
          Now, for those who still want to know what’s going on inworld,  I recommend dropping into sims like Paradise Sex Beach or Naked, Naked to catch a view.  (Or, join in the fun themselves.)  Voyeurism and exhibitionism are fairly common inworld.  (No, there won’t be any pictures of these behaviors, this is still not that type of blog!)
          Most people are fairly friendly and open in certain resorts about engaging in sex with strangers.  (No STD’s or worries about pregnancy, remember?)  Group scenes are not all that uncommon.  Some engage with voice, webcams, or the old fashioned way of just passing nude RL photos of themselves around.  (Or, at least, this what they say they won’t do.) 
          So, what’s it all about?  Is this just a game for people bored in Real Life (RL)?  The thrill of illicit behavior?  The challenge of actually doing it?  Or, is something else going on here?  Some folks start in SL and move onto RL with even children resulting.  (Which reminds me of an earlier promise I’ve made to arrange a roundtable discussion with several couples to talk about their experiences.  I just have to get myself organized!)  Significant Other says I can be very naïve.
          I’m not even going to try and touch the question of identity in SL.  Who are we really talking with inworld?  I’ve heard anecdotally that over half of the female residents in SL are actually RL men. (Who finds this stuff?)  My personal rule inworld is to take people as I meet them.  If someone wants to present themselves in a certain way, who am I to judge?  You could go to nuts trying to suss these things out and I consider it an invasion of privacy as well. 
          I’ll continue to come back to this topic in the future because I find it an interesting topic.  (It’s my blog after all.)  Sex is an important part of RL for most people (If it isn’t then you’re probably in a monastery somewhere and not in SL anyway.)  and it seems to be an important part of SL for many as well. 
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 
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