Saturday, April 18, 2015

More Thoughts about Whom We Are in Second Life


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Albert Einstein



          After several years of exploring and blogging about Second Life (SL) I’ve been to many new places, met many new friends, and had many new experiences.  (If you read my earlier stories then you’ll get all the details!)

          All this activity constantly brings me back to the question of whom we are in SL and is it that different at all from Real Life (RL)? 

          Earlier stories went into identity and questioned whom we were inworld.  

          I’m still not satisfied with my answers so far and I’m returning to this topic once more with this story.  (Significant Other’s eyes roll.)

          My dissatisfaction may arise from the nature of itself.  (Significant Other eyes are really rolling now,)

          While I’m in the camp that SL is an extension of RL, some look on it as a mere game. 

          For some, SL is all about role play (RP).  Whether historical, fantasy, or something else altogether, they’re here for a reenactment of a community with rules of some sort.

          Others are here for a truer RL experience.  This can be religious or helping others such as Relay for Life among others.    

          Then I encounter the question of where do we all fit in with this.

          Are we here for fun and pleasure?

          Are we looking for a technical challenge?

          Are we here to be of service to others?

          With me so far?

          Finally, I come to the ultimate question about SL.

          Does any of this really matter?

          Is a purpose really necessary to be inworld?  (I’ve lost Significant Other at this point.  Who has exited complaining of eye strain.) 

          Can we be here for multiple reasons?

          Is it selfish to come inworld only to play and hang out?

          I don’t have any good answers presently.

          I do know that like RL, SL is diverse.

          We’re all here inworld for our own purposes of this I’m certain.  Anyone who enters SL more than once has a purpose.

          Then there’s for me the inescapable fact that we all need one another inworld regardless of whatever reasons we have for being here.

          I apologize for leaving more questions than answers with this story.

          But, I truly believe that as virtual communities develop and evolve these questions will become more and more important. 

          I’ll return to this topic in the future.  (This may not be for a while, I have to convince Significant Other to come back into the room.)  

          As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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