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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life XIV – Auctions and BDSM Roleplay

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.



          Recently, Steve, the owner of Devilhand Castle of Carnal Pleasure and a friend of
mine in Second Life (SL) caught up with me. 

(No easy task, as I wander around quite a bit!)

          Steve and Ama, his partner in Devilhand, have been steadily growing their BDSM community since I first met them. 

          The castle itself and the surrounding grounds have been rebuilt and overhauled extensively.

          The community is growing too. (Hey, they even have me as their scribe!) 

          Steve has always been an advocate of slow and steady growth at Devilhand, not wanting to go too fast too soon.

          So, I was pleased to hear that he’s now getting ready for the first BDSM function in Devilhand. 

          Steve is preparing to have the first slave auction at Devilhand.  (Significant Other

arches an eyebrow which happens a lot when I write this blog.) 

          I expressed my desire to blog about this aspect of the BDSM lifestyle inworld and Steve referred me to Phryne, the Devilhand Slave Auction Manager, and NightBud, the Devilhand tavern keeper.  (I told you the community was growing!)

          Phryne and NightBud are also a couple inworld who participate in the BDSM lifestyle.

          NightBud is the dom and Phryne is the submissive. 

          I reached out to them to meet and they graciously agreed which helped me with the background for this story. 

          Now, before the human rights crowd comes after me, please remember that this is all role play and all participants are consenting adults who sign an agreement beforehand demonstrating that they know what they’re getting themselves into beforehand.

          Typically, in Second Life, slave auctions take place at BDSM sims. 

          Slaves (submissives) are auctioned off to the highest bidder, usually a dom/domme.

           There can be exceptions to this where even doms/domes can be auctioned off and this will be permitted at Devilhand.  (Significant Other’s professional observation is, “Huh?”)

          The basis of the relationship is the contract which spells out the responsibilities and limits of each party.  (Points of negotiation can include types of play, use of voice, etc.)

          SL auctions can be for either inworld or include Real Life (RL) aspects. 

          Those at Devilhand are currently only for inworld and only have a duration of one week. 

          Inworld slave auctions can be either public outcry or online auctions similar to eBay. 

          Devilhand’s will be the latter with a duration of fourteen days.    

          A percentage of the amount bid by the winner will go to the slave.

          All funds are held in escrow by Devilhand until all terms of the contract have been fulfilled.

Phryne explained that the auction is a good way to meet different people, and as for roleplay, it’s a great starting point, especially in owner/slave relationships.  Since the relationship starts with an actual purchase, she’s sure that it helps with the roleplay.

           The auction can be a good introduction to the BDSM lifestyle as well.

          Phryne continued by explaining that it might definitely lead to more lasting relationships. She thought this is a very good way to know each other for a week and then decide whether to continue or not.

Most probably, she said, some of the people meeting here will form a lasting relationship.

          Registration for the auction and its rules can be found here. 

          The auction will be taking place in the castle proper. 

          Since the auction has just launched and is awaiting participants to be signed up to be auctioned, a date hasn’t been set yet.  But, one will be communicated to participants when a decision has been made. 

          NightBud added that participants should be patient as Devilhand is still rolling out slowly and focusing on the quality of its members’ experience above all else!

          For those who are experienced in the BDSM lifestyle of for those looking for an introduction, the Devilhand slave auction is good event to check out! 

          I’d like to thank Steve, Phryne, and NightBud for all their help in preparing this story and I wish them luck with their first auction!      

          As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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