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Castles in Second Life V – Blackmoor Castle

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Amit Kalantri

          As part of my continuing series about the great castles in Second Life (SL), past and present, I’m moving along to the next stop in my journey. 

          The subject of this story came from a reader, Jumpman Lane, who tweeted the recommendation to me.  (I’m pleased at how many residents use Twitter and how many new friends I’ve made through it.  Significant Other says something about whatever happened to meeting people in Real Life (RL).)

          Blackmoor Castle is the site of my latest foray into the castles inworld! 

          Blackmoor has an interesting story.

          Juro Kothari, one of SL’s master architects, designed and built it.

          Jumpman had indicated that the castle was unfinished so I was intrigued and went for a visit. 

          A little more about Juro though before we proceed.

          He is a long standing resident with a superb reputation as a builder. 

          Another example of his work is the Dawson Residence in SL.

          Unfortunately, according to Juro’s profile, he hasn’t been inworld much as of late.

          So, we’re not going to see much new work from him anytime soon, I suspect. 

          Further, Juro wrote he’s almost out of prims for Blackmoor which probably means it won’t be finished.  (Significant Other gives an all knowing look.)

          So, I rezz into Blackmoor Castle.

          Whereupon I find myself stuck in a crawlspace beneath the castle with no way out!  (I guess this was one of the things Juro didn’t finish.) 

          Word of advice, don’t go to Blackmoor with the LM given by search.

          Instead, use this one which I created through trial and error.  It’ll you drop right in front of the castle. 

          Blackmoor sits on a butte slightly elevated over the immediate area and is surrounded on three sides by water.  (I wouldn't want to have to lay siege to this place!)

          The main keep is surrounded by a high wall.

          The keep is multi-storied with turrets on every level. 

          Towers loom over the whole structure.

          Yes, Blackmoor Castle definitely meets the requirements of a classic castle.  (Significant Other nods in agreement.)

          A causeway leads to the main gate surmounted by the castle’s crest.

          The only occupant and the only living soul I meet in my visit is a little mouse with his
own home by the gate. 

          Entering I find myself in the main hall with the grand staircase to my right and a large fireplace to my left with a blazing fire.

          In front of the fireplace is the only piece of furniture that I’ll see in this building, a recliner, except for some partially filled, or is it emptied, bookcases.

          I wander through the empty rooms on the ground floor before ascending the stair case to the next level which is just as bare.

          The attention to detail given to the castle is remarkable.

          The stone textures on the walls and floors, the carpeting, the lattice windows, and the
stained glass rose window all add to the feel of a true castle.

          Walking out onto the promenades on the upper floor, I can take in the surrounding scenery.

          Some is suitable for a castle like Blackmoor while some reminds me of an American shopping mall in decline.  (We have a lot of them these days!)

          Yet, as I walk through the empty hallways and stare into barren rooms, I can’t help but think what could have been here.

          A thriving community and a castle worthy of Cinderalla’s reign perhaps.

          The upper stories can only be reached by flying up and landing.  They are as empty as the lower ones.

          The towers have no staircases and stare mutely over this deserted scene.

          I do find an empty elevator shaft with a call button which is only a decoration now a
dding a touch of drab color to an otherwise gray wall. 

          My visit is short.

          Blackmoor Castle is empty and home to no one save a mouse.

          However, walking through it, I can’t help but feel the presence of those who were once here and built. 

          But, then aren’t all old, abandoned castles expected to have ghosts?

          Maybe I’m channeling their dreams and hopes for the place.

          I do recommend visiting Blackmoor, it’s an exceptional example of what can be done with a castle inworld!

          Just remember to use my LM!    

          I’d like to thank Jumpman for referring me to Blackmoor!

          I’d also like to thank Juro, wherever you are, for building and allowing to continue the wonderful structure that is Blackmoor Castle!

          More pictures from my visit can be found here on flickr. 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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Jumpman Lane said...

Hey, I'm glad you finally made it through there. I popped in a couple weeks ago to make sure it was still there. Juro's Cyrus Apollo home is nearby Blackmoor, a tiny house he built for his pal Cyrus. Anyone interested in seeing his full work with a completed vision can check out The Annie Butler Home (on Annie Butler's profile). Annie keeps it open to the public as a museum. The Dawson Residence, generally considered Juro's masterpiece is where I call home in SL. Took him a year to finish it. I spoke to Juro Kothari on the phone irl once, hoping to get him to return to SL to build me my own custom. (The PRICE was WAY too high). Apparently he is a rl arvhitect and building a home in SL would be so time intensive he'd have to CHARGE FOR HIS VERY VALUABLE TIME.

webspelunker said...


Thanks again for the recommendation!

I think you jut gave me a few more story ideas!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Open roads and kind fires!