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The Return of the Storyteller in Second Life

Everything I learned I learned from the movies.

Audrey Hepburn


          My regular readers (Both of you!) may remember when I met Ashley Carter, the storyteller, a while back in Second Life (SL).    

          For those of you who either don’t recall or haven’t read that particular opus of mine, Ashley tells stories with images taken from SL.  (Seriously, read it!  Not for my sake but for

Ashley’s, she’s one of the truly creative folks inworld!)

          Recently, I met Ashley again and she began to tell me about her latest project so we agreed to meet again for another interview.  (Significant Other thinks that she was just too polite to tell me to get lost.)

          Anyway, we met and Ashley told me what she’s now up to.

          Ashley’s latest project will be a series of animated shorts based on her VOIDAR
storyline.  (VOIDAR stands for “Voyage Of Immense Danger and Reward.”  Told you that you should have read that last story!)

          The first title in the series is “Fighter in the Ring” and will be a telling of the main VOIDAR story arc and each video will be a tir-in with the others. 

          This particular story takes place in a prison holding cell where Ashley and a few other
VOIDAR members are currently being held. 

          Ashley takes a different approach to inworld machinima than what others do.  She won't be filming directly in world, but taking shots and editing/animating them with Adobe software.

          She studied animation in Real Life (RL) and think it’s the more natural way to tell a story than simple pictures. The audience gets to show more, listen to it, and experience it differently.

          Ashley doesn’t wish to spend too long on pre-production as she picks up most things as she pieces it together. For this video, she spent no more than three days mapping out a rough storyboard, collecting any additional items she needed, and just listing some bullet points for what she wanted to happen.  (Really, did George Lucas need any more than this?) 

          I ask Ashley about auditioning the cast for her video.

          She replies that she first asks her inworld friends if they wish to take part, but flickr is
really the best source for finding new residents. With her last video, she received more than sixty requests from flickr alone from residents who wished to get involved.  (Including yours truly!)

          Ashley has actually already begun production. So far, she’s put together thirty-eight seconds of footage, including the logo introduction. She wantsto keep it relatively

short, no more than three minutes, preferably two minutes and thirty seconds. But things change constantly!

What she likes about this style of animating is just how simple it is to complete the

           I thank Ashley and take my leave after copying down my notes.  (Why do the latter you ask?  Once, after a long interview, I TP’d away only to find that I’d lost all my notes along the way!)

          (Ashley’s very busy now so I only had thirty minutes for the interview and made the most of it!)

          Ashley is working on a very exciting project and based on her prior work, the results will be exceptional.

          Ashley is the creative sort who never gets comfortable, she’s always forging ahead, pushing and challenging herself.

          This story is the first of three that I’ll be writing about Ashley’s animated series.  My next story will be about the actual production of the videos.

          Stay tuned for more! 

          I’d like to thank Ashley for taking the time away from her busy production schedule to meet with me and for her frank answers.   

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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