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Helping Others in Second Life IV

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

Charles Dickens

          A short while ago, I had encountered a woman in Second Life (SL) who was looking to start a new business.

          I inquired if she’s be interested in my writing a story about launching a business inworld but she declined.

          Which is fine, not everyone feels the need for publicity about their SL activities.  (Significant Other nods vigorously in agreement.)

          But, I was surprised when this woman came back and asked if I’d be interested in writing about a fund raising effort to help a SL fashion designer with a serious illness in Real Life (RL).

          I know I don’t do much inworld but wander around and get underfoot but I always try to help when I can.  (Significant Other smiles approvingly.)

          So, I said yes and this story is about how a group of people came together to help one of their own and how you can help too! 

          (What?  You think you can just sit there and read my stories?  Everyone once in a while, I ask you to help out!)

          The SL fashion designer is Lexi Zelin of AngelRed Couture (Which is currently closed
for remodeiling.) 

          Lexi has a well-earned reputation for designing and making full permission mesh apparel which has helped many enter the retail trade inworld.

          In RL, Lexi has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and because of her inability to work is in dire straits for money to assist in paying her medical expenses. 

          (Sadly, in America these days these get out of control all too easily.)

          Lexi is a twenty-eight year old single mother of a young daughter in RL.

          Presently, she’s recuperating from multiple surgeries and has had a port installed in her chest in anticipation of chemotherapy treatments. 

          Which I’ve been told by friends and relatives who have undergone them are very debilitating themselves. 

          Lexi is tired and her friends ask that if you see her inworld on the rare occasion that’s she there to please respect her privacy.

          Between her illness and the outpouring of support for her, Lexi’s understandably a bit overwhelmed.

          Now, let’s talk about what’s being done for Lexi inworld!

          Two SL residents, Toxxic Rhiannyr and Heather Smithson, have created a
collaborative fund raiser, The Lexi Project, to raise funds for Lexi. 

          The team had arranged an event which I’ll quote from their blog  to describe:

The Lexi Project has grown to approximately 350 supporting brands, ranging in a vast number of fields from apparel, decor, full permission, poses, skin, hair and so much more will be found at this event and all on one region. We have received a HUGE response from the grid, many offering helping hands, services and showing nothing but pure support to Lexi and we want everyone to know, it is all appreciated.

          Unfortunately, while I managed a brief visit to view it a few days ago, by the time most readers will read this story, the main event may be closed.

          But, if you hurry, it can be found here!

          However, there are still ways to help!

          At the Lexi Project sim site, there are still kiosks where contributions can be made. 

          Lexi has created a Gofundme account page where Linden contributions can be made.

          There is also a donation kiosk that can be rezzed in SL and can be found by joining
the AngelRed Couture Group inworld and a copy is inside Group Notices.

          The merchants who created designs for The Lexi Project are listed on the blog, check with them and see if they’re still selling for Lexi if you miss them at the main exhibit!

          If you have other ideas then please approach Toxxic and Heather. 

          (Sorry ladies!)

          If you can’t contribute financially, and I understand then many can’t, then please get the word out, offer to help in some other, or just get down on your knees and pray to whatever it is that you believe in and ask for Their help.

          (I’m a big believer in the power of prayer.)

          Just please do something!

          Reading the aforementioned blog as I write this, over $9,000US has been raised so far.

          That’s a wonderful number and I thank all who made it happen!

          However, sadly, the reality today is that it won’t be enough.

          I write today to shake you out of your complacency.

          Behind the avatars we interact with inworld are real people with real feelings.

          With real problems.

          An ill, single mother with a small child should not be put in the situation of having to worry about providing for her child.

          Many of us know what a mother will do when faced with that choice.

          So, I ask all of you who read to please do something, anything.

          In my travels across SL these past several years, I’ve always been struck by the generosity and selflessness of many whom I meet inworld.

          Here’s another chance to show what we as a community can do together!

          Thank you in advance for whatever you can do! 

          Please follow The Lexi Project blog to stay current with the fund raising and Lexi’s progress! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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          Open roads and kind fires!

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