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A Friend’s Wedding in Second Life

 Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery



          Recently, I received an invitation to a wedding in Second Life (SL). 

          A good and long-time friend, Lisah Lorefield, was finally tying the knot with her partner, Sven Blinker. 

          Always one for a party especially a happy occasion like this, I accepted promptly.  Since I hadn’t been to a wedding inworld since my first one way back when (It was a vampire ceremony any very touching.) I was pumped! 

I’d first met Lisah several years ago as I was wandering about inworld as I tend to do.  Lisah is an exceptional builder and an enthusiastic participant in the communities that she participates in.  We stayed in touch over the years, chatting about our respective lives inworld.  She became my “go to” person for questions both technical and social about SL.   

          Somewhere along the way, Lisah met Sven and the rest as they say is history.  (I didn’t catch how serious they were until I received the invitation but then Significant Other says that I’m generally clueless about these matters.)  Sven is a pilot, flight instructor, sailor,
and other high energy occupations inworld.  (He probably likes puppies too and helps little old ladies cross streets in Real Life (RL).  No wonder Lisah was drawn to him!) 

          So, I was very happy for both Lisah and Sven as they’re both wonderful people.  Right, after accepting their invitation, I immediately rounded up my SL sister, Bec Kellstrom, (Wait, you didn’t know about our mutual sibling adoption?  Another story will explain all.) to accompany me.  In true good, little sister fashion, Bec began to pester me with, “What, couldn’t get anyone else but your sister to go with you?”  (Significant Other sighs and wishes there a RL counterpart nearby.)

          The wedding took place at a wedding chapel since closed.  The building is a large glass and metal framed structure reminiscent of the Crystal Palace from the Great Exhibition in London in 1851.  (And, no, despite Bec’s insinuations, I never saw the original.)  The layout is traditional with an altar and seating at one end forming the chapel area and an open area for guests at the other end. 

          Over two dozen guests attended the ceremony.  The men, even me, wore formal and the women wore colorful gowns.  Bec was happy to note that the minister was female, observing that most weddings inworld that she’s attended have had such.  (Bec is always quick to make sure I catch these details in case I was distracted by the occupants of the colorful gowns.) 

          The reception took place in on the second floor of a banquet hall down the road from the chapel along a path strewn with rose petals.  The room for Lisah’s and Sven’s function was fairly large and centered around a big, multi-tiered wedding cake.  A spacious dance floor formed the middle with tables and chairs at both.  Frescoes adorned the high ceiling.

          The wedding ceremony itself was simple, traditional, and beautiful.  (Significant Other arches an eyebrow while wondering when I became so romantic.)  The groom and best man, Ingmar, with the minister, Pepper Curie (Who was also the DJ.  I pointed out the moonlighting opportunities to Bec.), waited for the bride and her bridesmaids to walk up the main aisle.  The bridesmaids, Aria Teodosio and Misty, preceded Lisah to the front of the
chapel.  Lisah was resplendent in her white bridal gown designed by Son!a Luxury Fashion and her hair was by TRUTH HAIR.   Traditional wedding music played as the party made its way to its other members.  The wedding vows were simple and short.  Lisah and Sven were now husband and wife!  (If only in SL!) They turned and left the chapel to the thunderous wedding march.  There was a short receiving line and the wedding party went off for pictures while the guests strolled over to the reception hall to await their first formal entrance as husband and wife.  (Seemed a lot like RL didn’t it?) 

          After Lisah and Sven arrived, they had their first dance as husband and wife followed by the cutting of the wedding cake and their first pieces.  (No, no one shoved cake in anyone else’s faces.  A decidedly American tradition frowned upon in some circles.)  There was a garter toss and I didn’t catch it.  (I didn’t try.) There was singing, music, and, most of all, there was dancing! 

          Bec and I had a great time at the wedding and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  (OK, except for being with me, L’ill Sis had a great time.)  We’re both very happy for Lisah and Sven.  Their wedding showed the best features of SL.  A successful relationship with between a loving couple, a community coming together, and a well planned social event that was successfully executed. I hope we see more celebrations like this inworld! 

          I’d like to thank Lisah and Sven for inviting Bec and me to the happiest day in their lives inworld together so far!  I wish them much joy and happiness together in their journey across the Grid!  (BTW Lisah has changed her name to “Lisah Blinker Lorfield.” She believes in tradition as she explained to me!)

          I’d also like to thank Bec for joining me.  Like every older brother probably discovers to his dismay, I turned around and L’il Sis was a grown woman who dressed stunningly for
the occasion.  I want to thank her for taking the pictures which I used for this story and additional ones that can be found on this flickr page.  (You can see who has the talent in the family.) As I wrote earlier, I’ll tell our story soon. 

          Foxie Dinzeo was the wedding photographer her pictures from the wedding can be found on this Facebook page. 

          Jen Waddington was the live singer who sang at the reception.  She’s a friend of the newlyweds who is very popular inworld. 

          Harmony Lockhart was the wedding planner.  Sadly, Lisah’s and Sven’s wedding was the last one at this site as it closed immediately afterward. 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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