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Getting a Massage in Second Life


The body never lies. 

Martha Graham



          Someone asked me in Second Life (SL) the other day where they could get a massage inworld.  I actually had some recommendations!  I guess all my time spent wandering around on the Grid is beginning to pay off.  (Significant Other says something sounding like “Finally!) 

          During my travels, I’ve come across two small, decent massage facilities. (I’m trying to avoid calling them massage parlors with their negative American connotations.  Significant Other’s eyes roll.)  

          Naked Bondage, part of the Naked franchise inworld, has a massage facility located in an ancient Roman bath.  Entering the building, a large bathing pool dominates the center.  At one end are lounge chairs and at the other is the massage area.  There is one
table suitable for use by couples.  Besides basic massage, erotic massage is available as well. 

          The facility is small but conducive to an intimate session for a couple.  There are no masseurs/masseuses available so bringing a partner is recommended.  During my visits, there have never been other visitors and so is very quiet.  The massage area can be located here.    

          Another massage facility is located at Madame Jenny’s Tea and Shibari House.  I recently blogged about this facility in my introduction to shibari or Japanese bondage.  Located on the third floor of this building is a small area for massage with a traditional,
Japanese hot tub (with shibari capabilities) for guests use.  Standing nearby is massage table with rubbing oils on a separate stand.  The room looks like it came from a Japanese onsen.  In addition to basic and erotic massages, Thai massage can also take place here. 

          As with the last site, no assistance is available and a partner is recommended.  The site is evocative of the Far East and offers a private setting for a couple.  The site can be found here. 

          For my final recommendation, I went looking for a massage facility that actually has masseurs/masseuses on site for clients.  I found one called Happy Hands Massage Parlor.  (Significant Other snickers.)  As its name implies, Happy Hands is dedicated to providing massage services to its guests.

          The parlor is a low, single story building with facilities on the roof.  Entering the main doorway, a visitor is in a lobby with the profile pictures of available staff.  Except that the two times I visited for this story, no one was online.

          Off the corridor leading away from the lobby is a large party room and four smaller rooms used for private massage centers.  The massage tables contained therein offer basic
and erotic massages.  Free towels are available.  On the roof, accessible by an outside staircase, is large sauna, a very big marble hot tub, and a fire pit.

          There is a fee for using the facility and payments to the staff are negotiated separately.  Of the three sites, I visited for this story, Happy Hands offers the most services and has staff.  I do recommend checking to see when they’re available.  And, as I said previously, there is a charge payable in Lindens.  Happy Hands Massage Parlor is located here.    

          These three sites offer the basics for massage services inworld.  As in Real Life (RL), these are what people make of them.  With a partner, they can be fun and enjoyable plus with whatever other services may be offered like bathing pools or shibari! 

          Give it a try, you just might like it! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives! 

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