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A Dungeon Crawl in Second Life I – Devilhand Castle

I've always been attracted to things that are taboo. I've never been afraid to go to that dark place.

Ricky Williams


          Welcome to the newest series in my blog!

          This one is an outgrowth of an earlier series about the castles of Second Life (SL). 

          In this series, I’ll be blogging about the dungeons of SL that I encounter as I go walkabout inworld.  There’re actually a lot of them!  Poking around in old, musty castles, I run into them quite frequently.  Further, it seems that no self-respecting BDSM group inworld can’t exist without its own private dungeon.  Then there are all the merchants who supply all the furnishings and fittings that no dungeon can be without.  (Who knew?) 

          For my first story in my dungeon crawl across the Grid, I return to Devilhand Castle, one of my early castle visits.

          Devilhand is the quintessential dark, brooding castle and is also the home to a BDSM community. I first encountered it when I blogged about the BDSM group.  Like any good castle, Devilhand serves as the basis for many good stories and this is only my latest! 

          Rezzing into the dungeon at Devilhand, one realizes quickly that they’re on one of the castle’s upper stories.  The latticed windows are a dead giveaway!  Not where one usually expects to find a dungeon!  Another feature that jumps out at a visitor is the layout.  It’s like a modern gym in Real Life (RL) with all its equipment laid out for the membership.  There are no cells, dark corners with rats scurrying around, or discarded skeletons in the

passageways.  (Significant Other wants to know why I say this like it’s a bad thing.)  Two arched doorways on one wall lead out to the castle itself.  Three walls are of textured stone and the fourth which looks over the sea is constructed of a deep red wood.  The floor is constructed of large timber beams. 

          I suspect that the reason for this is Devilhand’s being a BDSM sim.  There seems to more interest in bondage and discipline and viewing it than in running a good old fashioned medieval dungeon! 

          Scattered across the floor are about a dozen bondage and torture devices.  Three spherical cages are suspended from the ceiling. 

          Several of the classic devices are here to be used.  That old favorite, the rack is
available along with a St. Andrew’s Cross, an examination table, and a variety of bondage and restraining furniture.  These devices are primarily medieval in flavor consisting of heavy wooden timbers, ropes, and iron chains and manacles. 

          The devices come with a variety of options for their users such as spanking, hair pulling, and preparation animations to more hardcore sex including some threesome capability. 

          Spectators are not forgotten as a raised dais has two high backed chairs permitting a good view of the dungeon’s activities.  In case, their occupants either start getting bored or feeling frisky, the chairs have their own options too.  Several stools are located around the
dungeon for individual observers and I won’t go into details about what options they have for users.   

          The dungeon in Devilhand Castle is effective for either for those interested in BDSM or those who would like to see the various devices used in a dungeon in one place.  The modern gym would also work for a group looking to share their experiences at the same time.  (Significant Other says only I would think of this.)

          Overall, the dungeon is well worth a visit and I recommend going!  (As well as visiting the rest of the castle.  On can TP from there to other parts.)  Despite the modern layout, there is nice aged effect to the room and its fittings. 

          The dungeon can be located here. 

          Additional pictures from my visit can be located on this flickr page. 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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