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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life XVII - Exploring Nudity in Second Life

Nudity quickly becomes unremarkable when generally practiced.

Martha Nussbaum

           While I’ve blogged a few times recently about nudist sims in Second Life (SL), I haven’t talked about nudity per se inworld for a while so I thought given how it’s summer now where I reside in Real Life (RL) that this would be a good time to do so.  (Significant Other’s eyes roll.  I’d like to note who teased me into going nude inworld in the first place.) 
          I just want to share a few observations about nudity in SL with my three loyal readers and whoever else would like to read them, the “naked” truth if you will!  (Significant Other cringes.)

          I still wander around nude inworld.  

          “Why?” you may ask.  

          First off, many places that I visit inworld for my stories require nudity. (Why I visit such places will be the subject of another story!)  

          Next, I freely admit that I’m too lazy to keep changing clothes in SL.  (L’il Sis has cast a critical eye on my sartorial choices inworld.  (She is one of many who has only seen me clothed!) Significant Other makes similar comments in RL.  Once again, I think these two are comparing notes about me when I’m not around.)  

          Finally, running around nude is something that I would never do in RL and SL gives me the chance to try this without embarrassing myself.  (Significant Other merely sighs.)

          Another question I get a lot is, “Are you a nudist?"

          No, I’m not. 

          Although, I have many friends inworld who insist that I am.  (I have noted that these are folks who would never be nude either inworld or anywhere else.)  

          I happen to be in undress at certain times inworld because it’s appropriate for and necessary for my writing and exploring.  Contrary to popular belief, I’m not always nude.  (I
really wish that L’il Sis would stop reminding me constantly to make sure that I’m dressed when I visit First UCC!  Sheesh, I used to be an altar boy back in the day.  I know something about the decorums!)  

          While nudist sims tend to come and go, I find that nudity itself is alive and well inworld. 

          There tend to be two major categories of nudists in SL.

          The first are like naturists in RL who are nude for the sake of nudity and abhor the sexual connotations that many associate with wandering around nude in public with members of both sexes.  (While I understand and respect their beliefs, I’m still trying to figure out why they act so surprised when others, generally clothed, make this obviously erroneous assumption.)  

          The second group of nudists throw caution to the wind and happily indulge in sex inworld whenever they get the chance and couldn’t care less what others think.  (Caroline Resident will be very happy that I wrote this.)  

          (There’s also a third, smaller group of people who go about semi-nude inworld and generally hang out in clothing optional sims with nudists.  I’m still trying to understand them.)  

          Both groups have their own sims but do often mix together.  (Although, when this does occur, I find it does make me think about the juxtaposition of voyeurism and
exhibitionism inworld.)  

          Many like me only practice nudity inworld and would never dream of doing this in RL.  (I get the look from Significant Other.) They’re only exploring and testing their limits.  

          Some do practice nudity in RL and come inworld for new experiences or possibly when it gets too cold where they live.  (Interestingly, I’ve met some who only practice nudity in the privacy of their own homes.)  

          Have you ever practiced nudity inworld? Once? Frequently?

          Do you just do it inworld or do you practice nudity in RL?  (Your shower doesn’t count.) 

          Please share your experiences with us and I’ll try to write a follow-up piece on this topic!

          One last point, you won’t find pictures of nudists with this story.  I’m still not that kind of blog!

    The pictures included are from SL nudist sims past and present.  

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.  

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Hitomi said...

As you remember me, I practice nudity all the time. It's fun. It's exhilarating. And it leads to meeting many new friends. And adventures.