Saturday, July 2, 2016

Are You Lonely in Second Life?

All great and precious things are lonely.
John Steinbeck

           “Are you lonely in Second Life (SL)?”  

          This question arose in my mind as I wandered across the Grid inworld not too long ago.  (Significant Other has always been uncomfortable with me alone in my thoughts for extended periods of time.)  

          How could I be lonely? 

          I have many friends inworld, three loyal readers, and I meet new residents all the time in the course of my meanderings.  (We’ll ignore Significant Other’s observation that I have more friends in SL than in Real Life (RL).  It’s that a lot of my RL friends don’t like to talk about these things in public.  Really, that’s all!)  

          I think back to my original purpose in coming to SL.  

          I was here to explore and write.  (Also, ironically, to be able to spend more time with Significant Other in RL.  Long story there.) 

          I was not going to put down roots or get involved in inworld communities.  I remember receiving my first invitation to friendship and wondering if I should accept it.  

          So, what happened?

          I have many friends inworld and am involved with several communities.  (Significant Other asks if they’re just too polite to evict me.)  

          I have sister now!  (Even if she can be a pain in the neck as little sisters often are.)  

   I even go to friends’ weddings now!  
          Why did this happen?

          Was I just lonely and didn’t realize it?  Was my subconscious at work here or had I been kidding myself all this time?  (Significant Other says this wouldn’t be the first time.)

          Or, does SL work to include despite my own intentions and feelings?

          I’m always receiving IMs from friends either checking in on me or inviting me somewhere.  More sims appear to have thriving communities than before.  People reach out to me for no apparent reason.  

          Could it be something else?

          If it is then I’m clueless as to what it is.

          I’ve drawn a conclusion here.

          It’s very difficult to be lonely inworld. 

          There are just too many people reaching out and connecting with me for to ever be lonely. 

          But, I’ve also noticed something else here.

          Lonely people in RL come inworld for companionship.  (Don’t worry, I’m not going to out anyone.) 

          I’ve met people who have come inworld in search of human company because they’re either physically disable in RL, geographically remote from others, or just find it hard to reach out and connect with others in RL. 

          There are groups inworld like First UCC that provide either social or other support activities to these lonely individuals.  No one has to be alone in SL. 

          In my wanderings across SL, I keep coming back to SL being more than a game.  It’s a viable social network, albeit anonymous but strong! 

          What your thoughts on being lonely in SL?

          Please share them with my readers and me and I’ll try to have an update on this topic
sometime soon!  

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.  

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