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Back on Route 66 in Second Life

Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.

Erol Ozan

           A number of years ago, while traveling across Second Life (SL), I came across Route 66.  My longtime friend, Perryn Peterson, had recreated the roadway as part of the summer festivities back then.  

          Well, he’s back on the road again!

          Perryn and his merry band in Mieville have brought back a bigger and better version of Route 66 just in time to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the famed
highway in Real Life (RL)!  (I’m always amazed at how Perryn turns into a major community event what most ordinary mortals don’t even know exists!)  

          Allow me to give you a little tour!

          First, a bit of history!  (Significant Other wonders aloud if anyone has ever warned Perryn that it’s a major mistake to let me talk about history.)  

          The original highway opened on November 11, 1926.  

          Route 66 was one of the first major cross country highways in America ultimately running from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California.  Its course was across the American Southwest probably to avoid the harsh winter weather in the northern part of the country.  (Hadn’t anyone invented snow plows yet back then?)  

          The roadway became part of the country’s culture.  It was there at the end of the Roaring Twenties as the Age of the Automobile began.  It was there for the Great
Depression, the Dust Bowl, and World War II.  The great post-war expansion led to the development of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System which ultimately contributed to the decline of Route 66.    

          Route 66 became part of America’s culture.  There were songs (Get Your Kicks on Route 66), TV shows (Route 66, what else would you call it?), and novels (The migrants in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath traveled across it to get to California.) 

          Perryn’s celebration of Route 66’s anniversary will run from July 23, 2016 to August 14, 2106 and can be found here.  

          This rendition of Route 66 inworld is much larger and more detailed than its predecessor.  The latter was essentially a small town somewhere on Route 66 in the American Southwest.  This version seems to roll on across the sun blasted countryside seemingly forever.  (I should know, I walked its entire length!)

          More scenery is included this time from large rock formations to exquisite natural floral arrangements.  The attention to detail is there in the papers blowing around in the street by the wind.  The drive-in has to be seen!

          Perryn’s team has captured the architecture of the region both in the traditional Southwestern style so easily recognizable to anyone familiar with the area to the classic American highway style of the diners and gas stations along the way.  

          Walking into one diner with its counter service, booths, black and white Formica tiled floor, and juke box was like going back in time.  (Significant Other points out that I’m
not that old.  I rejoin by saying that I did watch TV growing up.)  

          Don’t forget to visit Georgia O’Keeffe’s residence too! 

          The festivities will include a dance, costume and titler contests, a mini-hunt, rides, classic cars that can be rented, a petting zoo, gatchas, freebies, Cheesehenge (Just go look at it for yourself.), and much more! 

          Over one hundred vendors will have their wares on display, many in a marvelous flea market.  The works of Acadia Asylum will also be available onsite for free!  

          Our Grand Sponsor is Emedea Morgenstern of Rag Dollz.  Other merchants include Unalunaqat Resident and Stangbo Resident, who live in Mieville and are selling kittens.  SunQueen Ginsberg of Where Worlds Collide, her whole shop will be dedicated to Southwestern wares. Plato Novo of "%" Per Cent who started three years ago at the last
Route 66 event has returned. Liam Metaluna, of Panda, Panda who specializes in creating music boxes, furnishings with an Asian feel, and all with detailed textures.

          I encourage all to come and have a great time!  There’s something for everyone!  

          This is also a great chance to see a part of America that unfortunately is slowly disappearing.  

          Maybe you’ll even run into me there!  (I don’t care what Significant Other says about me scaring off visitors! I’m telling everyone that I’m coming!)

Additional pictures from my visit can be found on this flickr page.   

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.  

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          Open roads and kind fires!

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