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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life XVIII – A Visit to a Newly Discovered Nudist Resort in Second Life

Find me under the palms.


Wandering about in Second Life (SL) as I’m wont to do, an acquaintance recently recommended a nudist resort to me that I hadn’t heard of before.  (Significant Other seems shocked thinking I’d seen them all.) 

Intrigued, (Significant Other asks what else is new.) I made plans to visit and to check it out.

The resort is called Isla de Amores and I visited a few times to see what it was all about.  During one of these visits, I met Charlie Miami, the owner/operator, who agreed to
an interview with me.

The following story is based on that interview and my visits. 

Charlie is an old SL hand.

He began his time inworld as a guard at Wild Coast, a naturist sim.  Charlie says that he remembers me from my earlier visits there and I vaguely remember him.  (Significant Other suggests that I was more interested in certain other residents.) He left Wild Coast to establish Miami Properties with a partner but closed down that venture when the partner had to leave SL.  Charlie says that it’s hard to be a land business inworld unless you have a niche.

Isla de Amores was Charlie’s next venture inworld.  Being a naturist in Real Life (RL) when he can, he decided to go back to his roots inworld.  The resort was first opened for Charlie’s friends and then to the public in April 2015. 

Charlie believes that nudity and sex are part of human nature.  Some lean to it more than others, he’s one of the ones who leans to it.  The goal at Isla de Amores is for people to come and enjoy his efforts there.  It is a way to give back to the community by making it available to all free of charge. 

Designing and staying on top of the latest trends in furniture inworld is a pastime for Charlie.  (Remember this is an adult sim so we’re talking sex here folks!)  He has a large inventory of animations spread all over the sim, even the starfish have them!  Some of these
animations are custom made exclusively for Charlie and can be found nowhere else inworld.  This adds to the uniqueness of Isla de Amores.  I’ve checked out several of these and the variety offered is indeed broad and original.  (No more details, we’re still not that kind of blog!  Check them out for yourselves.)

Isla de Amores does accept donations from visitors but there is only one donation barrel located at its entrance.  Charlie’s not in it for the money.  While other sims have closed for lack of funding, he has no intention of doing so. 

Interestingly, the resort is clothing optional.  Nudity is not a requirement.  Group membership is a requirement but is free.  Charlie says this helps to keep poor behavior out.  All sexual preferences are respected.  Al that is asked is that everyone be kind and respectful to one another. 

There are no planned social events because Isla de Amores is only a homestead with a limit of twenty avatars at any one time which does preclude large gatherings.  Treasure hunts have been held in the past and may occur again in the future. 

Only adult human avatars are allowed entrance.  Attached ears, tails, and wings are allowed.  Complete animal or fantasy avatars are not.  Visitors who appear in such form are politely asked to switch to human form.

Isla de Amores is comprised of a series of small islets connected by narrow walkways or accessible by wading through shallow water.  Lush, tropical foliage covers them.  Highly detailed palm trees, tropical flowers, shrubs and bushes are scattered across
the sim giving a very lifelike effect.  The grounds alone are worth a visit.  Beautiful, small beaches offering privacy and opportunities for couples to be intimate are washed by waves.  Colorful birds fly overhead.  Waterfalls and rock formations complete the natural settings.

Small huts and cabins are available for use by visitors.  Row boats are moored along the shore.  Lounge chairs, blankets, and dance balls can be found on the beaches.  (Remember what I said earlier about the unique animations!)  Ruins for exploring are also hidden in the underbrush. 

There is a teleport to take visitors to the more popular places.  (My BDSM friends may be interested in the Red Room in particular.) 

I strongly recommend Isla de Amores to anyone who is interested in a quiet, enjoyable, tropical nudist resort in SL.  Since it’s clothing optional, as long as no one minds others being nude, the resort is well worth visiting to see how a beautiful, tropical resort can be constructed inworld. 

Isla de Amores is unique for being a very well laid out resort which is not cookie cutter produced like other sims inworld.  The use of multiple islands breaks it up allowing for
more beaches and private places.  (OK, I’ll admit it, I get lost every time I go there.  Significant Other is only surprised that I’ve admitted that.)  And, don’t forget those animations that are unique solely to Isla de Amores!

I hope that you’ll visit Isla de Amores and enjoy yourselves!

Who knows?  Maybe you’ll run into me!

Isla de Amores can be found here.

I’d like to thank Charlie Miami for meeting with me and for creating such a wonderful addition to the nudist community inworld!

I’d also like to thank my Companion who supplied all the pictures used in this story and that can also be found on this flickr page.  (She also keeps asking why I seem to only send her to nudist resorts.) 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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