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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life XIX – Visiting a New BDSM Club in Second Life

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.


Recently, I learned of a new BDSM sim in Second Life (SL). 

(Significant Other wonders why I keep finding these places.)

This one has an interesting twist.  (No pun intended.)

Unlike many BDSM sites inworld which are cold, dank subterranean dungeons, this one is more like a Gold’s Gym with a club and beach resort thrown in.

Intrigued by the concept (Significant Other’s eyes roll and lips say, “What else is new?”) I make arrangements to visit the site and meet the owners. 

The BDSM resort is called Sands of SinnZ and is located here.   

The owners and managers are a couple called Holle von SinnZ and Racheal SinnZ.  And, yes, they are lovers, engaged, and soon to be married inworld.  More on this is in a moment!  In addition, Holle is Rach’s mistress.

Holle and Rach are both longtime residents in SL with interesting stories about how they came to be. 

Holle’s background goes back to avatars prior to her current avi. Holle is a character from a book she was working on at the time in Real Life (RL), and was never meant to get any real time, but Holle was jumping into this avi to write while inworld, and the more she was away from the RL sorrows of her former main avi, the more at peace she felt. So rightly or wrongly Holle stayed Holle.  But in time the emotional train wrecks of her and Rach’s lives came to head as most things do bringing them together.  However, Holle would do it all over again to be here with Rach today. 

Rach came into SL over eight years ago, when her late sister introduced her to it.    Back then it was a very different world in SL, she used to just hang around with friends and got to know a few good ones whom she joined with as family.  Rach has remained close friends with a few of them.  In her eight years, she has done a lot.  Rach has designed and built sim layouts, has built motorcycles, and run clubs.  She’s also done DJing and photography.  Yet, somehow, it started to all become the same until she met Holle who gave her a new life and kick started her SL experience again.  Hence, they are now a couple with this beach and club. 

Holle and Rach met in a BDSM club.  As Holle puts it, “I spotted her.  But I was like WOW she’s HOT!…2 secs later she [Rach] IMED me and it’s been Wild in love from there”

Meanwhile, Rach says that she was just wondering and thinking of leaving SL and
she stumbled across Holle at that club who became her mistress and fell in love with.  She knew then that Holle was the one she wanted to marry. 

Needless to say, there is a very strong sexual component to their relationship!

Holle and Rach have never met in person in RL. Their relationship is exclusively through SL. 

When it comes to the BDSM lifestyle in RL, Rach seems to be the more experienced of the couple with Holle has only “played” with BDSM in RL but admits to wanting to tie Rach up if they ever meet in RL.  Rach has offered to supply the rope. 

Holle and Rach decided to open the club for two reasons.

First, the beach was the core idea, a place open to explore the BDSM lifestyle.  Second, they both love clubs.  They started throwing parties here and there so it all sort of just clicked for them. 

Holles believes that SL does not complement the BDSM lifestyle very much.  Some BDSM places inworld have it right, while others don’t, Holle likes to think they offer a happy mix.  Rach been part of the BDSM lifestyle in RL says that SL doesn’t really complement it.  It’s a different lifestyle in her opinion but they do have points in common.

When discussing how their club differs from its competition, Rach explains that they offer the BDSM life on a open beach with the club as an extra attraction.  The club could be
said to be in many ways like the competition but Rach would like for anyone to find a more relaxing and enjoyable beach BDSM scene.

Holle says that all clubs are basically alike but there’s only one club that has Holle and Rach, and they are trying to bring a harmony of BDSM and club life together.  Adding that it’s not easy!

Rach notes that BDSM and their club are one here and are not separated as can be seen with the location of the play room next to the club’s dance floor. 

As for clientele, Rach states that it’s open for people to explore the BDSM lifestyle in the club environment either the beach scene or the urban scene. 

Holle says that as they build and find new styles, they will implant them discreetly each time adding new experience for guests.

Sands of Sinnz is not looking for any specific client types, such as dom/dommes, subs, slaves, or nudists.  All are welcome and Holle and Rach want to be home to all the above. 

Visitors can have sex in the open and are encouraged to find their own balance at the resort.  (Rach adds that they can’t say no when they do!) 

Holle explains that BDSM isn’t about sex only but that’s where SL and RL differ she feels. 

When asked about what are their ultimate goals for the club, Holle says that she'd
like to see it grow.  This is their love and soul, so of course she wants it to grow and live.  Their ultimate goal is for Sands to grow and the people coming here to return because they have found what Holle and Rach see in it. 

Holle and Rach have learned several lessons from this project so far.

Rach starts by saying having someone you love with you while building was a dream for her which gave me the inspiration to get on with it. 

Holle’s lesson is to have your key elements in place before you start as in money, people to help, and that’s the big one – “ASKing”for help.”

Keeping it simple to start and not throwing too many ideas into the cooking pot at once. 

I saved the most important question for last, “When's the wedding?”

Holle and Rach are looking at some time in 2017 but they both say the wedding will be when the time is right.  Which is a great answer!

(If I get invited I promise that there’ll be a follow-up story!)

Sands of Sinnz is a comfortably sized facility catering to BDSM, nudists, and others who want a friendly, open environment to mingle with others or to be alone with a partner for more intimate moments. 

BDSM equipment is located in the play room next to club’s dance floor while individual BDSM pieces are located on small nearby islands for private practice. 

Holle and Rach hold events regularly at Sands from 2:00 to 8:00PM SLT every day with the best activities occurring on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Overall, Sands of Sinnz is a great place to go and have a good time inworld. 

It can be found here. 

The staff are friendly and welcoming and the other guests are well behaved. 

I recommend Sands of Sinnz for anyone curious about BDSM or who is just looking to have a good time with others!

Tell ‘em web sent you!

Who knows, you may find me hanging out there!

I’d like to thank Holle and Rach for taking the time for this interview and for showing me around.

I also want to wish them every happiness and good fortune in their lives together inworld!

Finally, thanks to The Companion for taking the pictures used in this story and that can also be found on this flickr page. 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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