Saturday, January 7, 2017

Looking Ahead to 2017 in Second Life

The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. 

 Kahlil Gibran

Happy New Year!

Yes, we all made it into 2017 and the future lies ahead of us!

(Significant Other thinks I’m being a little overly melodramatic here.)

Still, 2016 is behind us, and hopefully, this New Year will make up for some of the
goings on from last year!   (I’m referring more to Real Life (RL) here!)

As always, I have plans for the New Year in Second Life (SL) and I’ll share them with you now.

My approach to my wanderings inworld is going to be similar to what I’ve done in the past only the subjects will change.

First, I’ll be looking for new places to visit in SL. 

I’m looking for the different and the unusual.  I’ll try to go deeper in trying to understand what’s going on.

Next, I’ll be trying to make new friends inworld.

Here, I want to move outside of my usual circles of friends.  (And, not because, as Significant Other is implying, I’ve been banned.)  I’m looking for folks who are doing different things than what I normally blog about.  I also want to meet residents who are willing to share their stories. 

Finally, I’ll be looking to have new experiences inworld.  (Significant Other’s eyes roll here.)

I want to do things that I haven’t done before and as always, I’m willing to push the edges of the envelope.  Edgy is perfectly acceptable too.  (No pun intended!)

I extend an open invitation to all to either send me your ideas or to join me as I make this journey in 2017 across SL.  Or, feel free to watch me out of idle curiosity or prurient interest! 

I’ll continue my ongoing series, about Sex and the Single Avatar, Castles, and
Dungeons inworld.  The Mieville community is near and dear to my heart and I’ll be reporting on their always busy social calendar.

I’ll also try to report back on places I’ve visited in past years and are no longer with us.  I’ll try to meet the owners and other members of these sims to see what they’re up to.

On a more serious note, I’ll be blogging on some of the more serious issues inworld as they arise. 

There will be a surprise this year!

(Like how I used this teaser to get you to come back to my blog?)

The details are still be worked out but I should be able to report back shortly.

This project will have me writing SL based fiction on another blog.

Watch this space for further details! 

There will be RL influences that will need watching in SL. 

Sansar should be available this year and I’m not as sanguine as many others inworld are about its impact on SL.

SL changes constantly.  Well known big builds are going away but communities are still popping up, and if not thriving, are hanging in there. 

So, I look forward to 2017 in SL!

SL has never disappointed me with its ability to challenge and to entertain me.

I’ve met many good people inworld, some have quietly faded away and I wish them well, and I hope to meet many more!

SL reminds of that old saying, “There are no strangers here, only friends who have not met yet!”

See you in the New Year! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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            Open roads and kind fires!

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