Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Back on 2016 in Second Life

The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared. 

 Lois Lowry  

It’s that time of the year again.

The Holidays are drawing to a close.  Winter is taking us deeper and deeper into its cold and darkness.  Snow threatens.  (Yeah, I get it!  You folks in Florida and Arizona are clueless about what I’m talking about.  Just sit back in your beach chairs and enjoy my story!)

Another year is coming to an end.

They seem to go by faster now.

Fewer people seem to be around to remember with us those years gone by.  (I’ll ignore Significant Other’s contribution that maybe they’re just avoiding me.)

Somehow, the old doesn’t seem as reassuring as it once did.  The approaching new looms threateningly ahead of us.  (Anyone who doesn’t know what I’m referring to here, please find a nice, safe, comfortable seat, call emergency services, and wait for them to come for you.  They’re nice people and will see that you get the care that you need.)

How was my year?

Well, Significant Other and I survived.

We lost someone in Real Life (RL) who was very close to both of us.

About the same time, I had a major change in my RL situation but that seems to be turning out alright for us.

These events did affect my writing.  (My three loyal followers did notice that I missed a few stories.  Although, one wise guy just thought that I’d forgotten!)

But, enough of RL! 

You’re here to hear what I have to say about last year in Second Life (SL), so let’s do it!

I had a lot of good news in SL this year!

(My thanks to my three loyal followers including the aforementioned wise guy.)

I went over the 1,000,000 hits mark for my blog!   

(Yeah, OK, maybe they’re not all real people but it’s a big number to me!)

I got adopted and now have a L’il Sister!   

(I never had one before in either RL or SL, she’s a bit of a nudge but does make SL more interesting!)

I started a new series about dungeons inworld.  (And, no, this had nothing to do with getting adopted.  Where do you people get these ideas about me?  Even Significant Other hasn’t suggested that one… Yet.)

I’ve begun to look more closely at our lives inworld.  Are we content, what’s our purpose for being there, and are we spending too much time inworld?      

I wrote about old friends inworld. 

(Yes, they’ve stayed with me!)

Perryn Peterson and his Mieville posse are still going strong and have one of, if not the most, active social calendars inworld.    

Another good friend got married!

And, there have been others, and space constraints preclude me from listing them all!  (Hint: Check my blog to read all about them!)

How’d I do against my original goals for 2016?

Not too shabbily even if I do say so myself! 

(I didn’t ask Significant Other so don’t feel any regret about ignoring the feedback.)

I did blog about friends and communities.

I started the new series on dungeons and covered new topics like jousting. 

There was edgier content about shibari and nudity.

Sadly, I wrote about sexual harassment inworld.  I just felt that something had to said.

Finally, I’ve gotten more into whom we are in SL. 

Overall, given all the fun ‘n frolic in life in RL this year, I’m satisfied.  I didn’t go as deep or as broad as I’d hoped but then that’s just laying the foundation for 2017 isn’t it?  (More about 2017 in my next story!)

So, what’s my final say about SL for 2016?

I still enjoy rezzing inworld to visit new places, meet people, and have new experiences!

And, I still enjoy returning to familiar places, old friends, and reliving some experiences! 

What’s not to enjoy?

SL still challenges, intrigues, and attracts me!  (Despite L’il Sis lurking about.)

I still urge anyone who is curios and has a sense of adventure to drop by and visit!

You’ll be glad you did!

Au revoir 2016! 

Happy New Year to all whether in SL or RL!

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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            Open roads and kind fires!

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