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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life XX – Revisiting BDSM in Second Life

 Right on the edge of fear was where trust could grow. 

Cherise Sinclair

Here’s a first for me!

Two back-to-back Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life (SL) stories and both are both are about BDSM! 

(Significant Other gives me that look that says, “Don’t start getting any ideas!)

Actually, this coincidence says less about me and more about the vagaries of my editorial processes and the prevalence of the BDSM lifestyle inworld.  

In today’s story, I return to the Devilhand Castle of Carnal Pleasure, or as it’s now known as Devilhand City.  I’m also going to announce some exciting news about a joint project between Devilhand and myself.  More details in a moment!

Yes, not long after, I first visited Devilhand, there was a rebranding.  (What, did you think that only Real Life (RL) did things like this?)

So, now that the smoke and dust have settled over there in Devilhand, I dropped by recently to chat with the couple who run it, Amaterasu (“Ama”) Silvercloud and Steve.  Both are practicing members of the BDSM lifestyle inworld themselves.    

Where, once Devilhand was a magnificent castle brooding over the countryside hinting at all sorts of nastiness and mystery within, now it’s a gritty, urban area in the style of 1920s Chicago.  Instead of one imposing structure that draws visitors in, one now has a maze of streets, frightening alleys, and buildings bordering a lake patterned roughly after RL
Chicago.  (OK, I know I’m going to get a lot of flak from RL Chigagoeans that this is nothing like their beloved Chi-town.  All I have to say in reply is to use a little imagination please!) 

The film-noirish look and feel of the new Devilhand hints at Prohibition, the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, and all the other sins of that era.  The themes are mobsters, gangsters, and crime of all sorts.  As Ama says, “It was a wild time!” 

Naturally, BDSM is still woven into the fabric of the Devilhand community.  Wandering around town, one can find small places for quiet, intimate moments of bondage. 

So, why the switch from medieval to Twentieth Century America?

Seems that Devilhand was experiencing a steady decline in visitors over quite some time, and they realized that the competition with the Gorean and other medieval sims was just too difficult to compete with. 

Hence, the 1920s were born inworld! 

Steve also feels that there are endless possibilities, the medieval sim was quite
limiting for various reasons, and now he feels that they have opened it up. Himself, he’s looking forward to being able to explore the seedy private eye role in the sim. 

 Devilhand is open to all residents but would like visitors who are familiar with the basics of role play or at least will respect those who are role playing.  There is a preference for humanoid residents.  Devilhand would like to see participants as opposed to just tourists dropping by.  Ama likes to point out that there is more to Devilhand than just mobsters and gangsters, visitors should explore all parts of the town.

Speaking of exploring, Steve encourages visitors to not just rezz into the landing zone, walk two meters outside the building and then TP away.  Spend time getting to know Devilhand and its residents.  It’s well worth the time and effort! 

I’ve gone walkabout several times in Devilhand and I keep getting lost.  (We’ll ignore Significant Other’s comment about why should SL be any different from RL.)

There are many buildings, streets, entertainment venues (I did manage to find the
burlesque house!), and other dark corners that will keep drawing you back.  (Hey, did I mention that I have an office here too?)

Devilhand is also expanding their social calendar.  There will be events, parties, concerts, dances, balls, tribute concerts (already started), and the occasional mob hits. Check the recently launched Devilhand website for details!  

As for the future, Devilhand feels that they quite settled.  So, development of that base is next. They want to make things better and nicer, and find what people want and how they can build a stable user group. 

Oh, and remember the original Devilhand Castle?

Well, it seems that it was brought back by popular demand and can be found here. 

Also, Steve and Ama now have additional help in running Devilhand. 

Nightbud (“Night”) is the mayor and Phryne is in charge of public relations and the Devilhand website. 

I’d like to thank all of them for meeting with me recently and bringing me up to date on all that’s been happening in Devilhand!

Now, for that big announcement that I’d mentioned earlier.

I will be writing a series of six short stories based in the Devilhand world.  They’ll be fiction but will draw on the characters and locations in the sim.  There’ll be a few fictional
characters as well.  The only way my readers will be able to figure out who’s who is by visiting Devilhand!  (Yeah, sneaky, I know but it works!)  The stories will be edgy and different from what I normally write.  I hope you’ll like them!

They’ll be posted every other month on the Devilhand website which can be found here and on my blogroll. 

So, drop by and check out the new Devilhand!  You can find it here!   

Do stay for a while and get engaged!

Better, yet drop by my office and have a cup of coffee with me! 

For more pictures from Devilhand City check out this flickr page.

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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            Open roads and kind fires!

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